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Your Education Officer represents all students on academic issues, both locally and nationally. Zahid’s role ensures the selection and development of Subject and College Reps for all academic departments. He also works with the University to make sure all students are receiving beneficial feedback and assessment. The role encompasses anything from employability to library fines!

“This year I plan to change and implement the most effective academic representation system that Swansea University has ever seen. I want to start a debate on careers and employability that ends with an increase in resources for students. I will also be campaigning to ensure that every student has the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities. “      

Action to end Saturday exams once and for all

This morning, I have asked the deputy academic registrar and the Pro Vcie Chancellor for Student Experience to:

a) explain why we have Saturday exams in this assessment period
b) make assurances that there will be no Saturday exams in the summer period.

This features prominently in the National Student Survey in Question 6: “Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair”

I hope we can resolve this issue before it becomes a problem.

Myself and the Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Experience will put out a joint statement addressing this issue promptly. For now, good luck with your exams this winter and if you’ve still got more, look out for #StudyAid in the library this week.

Two years ago, Luke James who was the Education Officer back in the day put an end to Saturday exams. Back then, the relationship between the University and the Students’ Union was just growing. Today we’ve got an effective partnership; a student charter that defines the terms of our relationship, pro vice chancellors regularly discussing issues important to students with Full Time Officers and regular meetings with senior staff in the University to resolve issues before they become problems.

What is clear is that there is STILL a strong demand from students for the University to continue to honour commitments made to the Education Officer two years ago:

‘Stop Saturday Exams’ is also still a Students’ Union policy – something which students have voted for and have asked the Students’ Union to lobby the University for on their behalf and I intend on carrying out that policy.


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