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Touch Rugby

About Us

Where and When

League runs on a Thursday 8:30-10pm.

Semester 2 fixtures start from 02/02/2023 to 30/03/2023.

All fixtures take place under floodlights at the Swansea Bay Sport Park Astroturf Pitch 1

Registering a New Team 

Introductory Offer of £40 per team from £100

Team Registration for Touch Rugby Semester 2 Sign Up Form

Single Player Registration for Touch Rugby Semester 2 Sign Up Form

Registration operates on a first come first served basis with a capacity of 8 team.

  • £100 down to £40 per team, (1 Friendly and 7 League Fixtures). 
  • Teams require a minimum of 10 players to sign up and payment must be made before (30/01/2022) to confirm space.
  • Only teams who have confirmation they have a space should purchase the team entry 

All players must purchase Touch Rugby Membership and Sport Swansea Membership prior to playing for insurance purposes, teams caught with individuals playing without Sport Swansea memberships or not on their team sheet will forfeit their game and be deducted league points. Teams can add players to their teams but must inform us before doing so in order for them to be added to the team sheets. Players cannot represent multiple teams, transfers on request. As this is a social league, to ensure fairness no HPG rugby players will be allowed to play and a maximum of 5 players on a BUCS rugby team in each team.

League Format

There will be 4 games a week, using half the pitch each, games will be 40 minutes (2 x 20-minute halves) in a 45-minute slot to allow for a half-time break and a quick warm up. Games must end after the 45 minutes regardless of whether the full game has been played as the pitch will be needed for the following teams. Games will be self-refereed (subject to change) with subs waiting on the touchline and can be subbed on at any stoppage. 

Touch rugby rules 

  • 7 players on the pitch at any given time 

  • After being touched a player must roll the ball under their feet 

  • No offloads after being touched 

  • After 6 touches the ball is turned over to the opposition 

  • Any dropped ball results in possession going to the opposition 

  • No kicking the ball 

  • 1 point per try and no conversions 

  • No scrums / lineouts / penalties, all restarts will be a tap-and-go 

  • We recommend players wear Astros to play (trainers are acceptable but may be slippery), under no circumstances can any player wear blades or studs.   

Any disputes will be settled by the league’s organiser, any teams regularly involved in disputes/scuffles will be docked points and possibly removed from the league if this behaviour continues.  

If you have any questions please email