Hello all and welcome to the new Chemistry Society page,

We're a relatively new society formed since the reopening of Chemistry at Swansea University - http://www.swansea.ac.uk/science/news/asignofprogressandambitionswanseauniversitytore-introducechemistrydegrees.php

We work closely with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the American Chemical Society (ACS) to provide exciting opportunities and offers that would be unavailable without ChemSoc membership.

Upcoming events:

  • Regular Social Events
  • Regular Seminar and Lectures
  • Huge Outreach opportunities - demonstrating for schools in our labs, visiting their labs and attending science events
  • Brewery tours and upcoming projects

Send us an email to be added to our mailing list containing upcoming events and activities!

Facebook 2018/19: www.facebook.com/suchemsoc

Facebook Group for Paid Members: www.facebook.com/groups/suchemsoc8

Twitter: www.twitter.com/suchemsoc

Instagram: www.instagram.com/suchemsoc

Contact details: Chemistry Society (ChemistrySociety@Swansea-societies.co.uk)

Website: www.swanseachem.org

A society for anybody that is interested in Chemistry! While mainly comprised of Chemistry students, anybody may join should they wish to attend our regular socials and science-related events.

Mae'n gymdeithas i unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb mewn Cemeg! Er ei fod yn cynnwys myfyrwyr cemeg yn bennaf, gall unrhyw un ymuno os ydynt yn bwriadu mynychu ein cyfarfodydd cymdeithasol rheolaidd a digwyddiadau sy'n gysylltiedig â gwyddoniaeth.
Os ydych chi eisiau gwybod mwy am ein cymdeithas, gallwch chi ofyn i aelodau'r pwyllgor bob tro:

Our Committee

President/ Llywydd
Treasurer/ Trysorydd
Secretary/ Ysgrifennydd
Social Secretary/ Ysgrifennydd Cymdeithasol
Outreach Liaison/ Cyswllt Allgymorth

This year the Chemistry Society was 1 of 9 associations to receive 'Gold Accreditation' within the Swansea University Student Union. The society is now a 'Gold Society'.
We're looking forward to another exciting year for the Society.

Last Updated: 13rd Aug 2018