Women Graduates Swansea University Society 

Promoting and advocating for women’s opportunities in higher education and equality in university leadership roles


President - Brandi Hill

Vice President/ Social Media Manager - Rachel Morgan

Secretary - Hillary Burgardt

Treasurer - Teresa Hillier

International Student Ambassador - Kim Kojouri

Undergraduate Student Ambassador - Jay Rees

Events Coordinator - Maria Zygogianni


What we aim to achieve:

The Women Graduates Swansea University Society seeks to help women in higher education to progress in academia and achieve successful leadership roles. The society will work to bring university women together locally, nationally, and internationally to showcase their research and academic achievements. Additionally, the WGSUS aims to create network enviroments such as conferences and talks for female students to present their research or area of study.

By joining the WGSUS you will gain a link to the British Federation of Women Graduates and have the opportunity to be connected to Graduate Women International. Postgraduate female students will be able to apply for scholarship funding and emergency grants along with promoting their academic profile by participating in conferences and networking sessions. Members will also have the opportunity to attend BFWG national and international meetings and present alongside female postgraduates of multiple disciplines.

What your membership fee is used for:

  • Events such as talks and conferences
  • Food and drinks for the events
  • Social outings in the case we need to rent a venue
  • Merchandise and Posters
  • Trips that need a van or bus rental
  • Continued membership with the BFWG