The official Mechanical Engineering Society for Swansea University. If you want to meet more people on your course, have fun or improve your academic skills, you're in the right place.

 If you want to meet more people on your course, have fun or learn more about mechanical engineering, you're in the right place.

We hold socials, study sessions and site visits. Our society has just started up in 2017/2018 so bear with us. If you have any ideas for the society please email us with your suggestions. We aim to make it a place for all years to socialize and learn more in the world of mech eng. Join our facebook group to stay updated.

By buying membership or a hoodie you are consenting to us having your information such as Name, student number, clothing size, for the duration of the academic year. We will only use this information to send you emails regarding the mechanical engineering society and to fulfil your order for things such as hoodies. If at any time you'd like us to no longer have that information in our database please send an email to mechanicalengineering@swansa-societies.co.uk