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Welcome to Swansea University Thai Society (SUTS).

Our aim is to raise awareness of all aspects of Thailand including Thai foods, cultural performances and monthly activities throughout the year to establish bonds and form a solid foundation for our community.  

We are composed mostly of Thai students at the moment, but non-Thais are more than welcome as well, for we are opening up our society next year so that everyone could get a taste of Thailand. 

Please access to our facebook page for any upcoming news.



Committee team members 2019/20


Mr. Nattamon Netsawang                                      

Yr3 Aerosapce Engineering                                  


Vice President     

Miss. Pawida Arpawasin   

Yr2 Materials Science Engineering   



Miss. Paphavee Ovakulwong    

Yr1 Applied Medical Sciences


Head of events

Miss. Kanokwan Piyaboonpaphol

Yr1 Aerospace Engineering


Events and Activities

Welcome Day 2018\19













New year 2018\19