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RESULTS Swansea is a group of students dedicated to creating the public and political will to end poverty, by enabling people to exercise their own personal and political power for change.

RESULTS Swansea is a movement of passionate and committed students devoted to campaigning and advocating on global health, nutrition and education to assist low-income countries. Members are trained on how to campaign and advocate to make a difference by building relationships with their elected representatives and other decision-makers. The monthly national conference calls have expert speakers on international development and health issues who educate members to be cognizant of the current happenings in the global space. 

Again, through the monthly campaign actions, letters (e-letters) are sent to the Member of Parliament for Swansea West and government ministers to champion the allocation of sufficient funds for the UK government's annual international aid budget. Members are trained on social media campaigning, engage in fundraising to support the activities of RESULTS UK as well as sensitise the student population on the objectives of RESULTS UK.