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Swansea University Business Society #SUBS

We are the Business and Economics Society of Swansea University. We’re here to help students make the most of their time at uni. Whilst we have a business focus, we welcome students from any courses and from any levels into our society.

You can follow us on Twitter @subswales, on Facebook at /subswales and /groups/subswales and Instagram at subswales. We're also on Linkedin as Swansea University Business Society.

You can also reach us by email at

What does the business society do?

We provide a range of opportunity to help further your studies and subsequent career, by working with industry partners, we deliver talks from businessmen at the profession, trips to see the operations of world class businesses as well as giving you a range of exclusive competitive advantages from networking events and professional photo opportunities. We’ll also keep you up to date with all the latest trends within the business world.

We realise that whilst there’s a ton of people at uni you’ll meet, we help like minded people, meet and get to know each other from all walks of university life. We more than live up to a society’s image with unforgettable socials, from incredible house parties to wild nights down Wind Street, with a range of unique and fun daytime and evening events such as beach barbecues and day trips to a host of nearby places. As a member, feel free to attend as many or as little of the type of events you enjoy as possible.

How do I join and what else do I get?

Joining is simple and can be done within minutes on the Student’s Union website. It costs £7 for all our events and activities for a whole year.

Current students - log in with your Swansea University ID, then on the left of this page select the "Standard Membership" option and follow the easy and quick process to pay.

Associates, alumni and faculty - create an account here then return to the Business Society page you are currently reading and select the "Associate Membership" option and follow the process to pay.

Our 2017/18 committee

President Ellie Howorth

Treasurer Emily Goodfellow

General Secretary Sam Harrison

Chief Advisor Tom Harris

Social Secretary Adam Albin

Marketing Officer Sarah Wilson

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg - cliciwich yma


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