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We are the biggest and best place for your gaming needs. We run at least 3 events and meet ups per week, for everything gaming, including but not limited to video games, board games and card games.



The Gaming Society is the biggest and best place for your gaming needs. We run events and meet ups for everything anything gaming related. We run regular weekly meets for video games, card games, and board games.


We also run events other events such as:

  • Laserzone

  • LAN Gaming

  • Game Tournaments

  • Online Events

  • Convention Trips

  • Game Release Events

We also provide many different community fronts such as instagram, steam group, and a facebook group. So you can always find people in the university looking to play or discuss games with you. So joint today and get your game on!

If you're a Swansea student please buy standard membership! Associate membership is for non-students and alumni

Where to find us:

Y Gymdeithas Gemau yw’r lle mwyaf a’r lle gorau i’ch anghenion gemau. Rydym yn cynnal digwyddiadau a chyfarfodydd ar gyfer popeth ac unrhyw beth sy’n ymwneud â gemau. Rydym yn cynnal cyfarfodydd wythnosol ar gyfer gemau fideo, gemau card a gemau bwrdd.

Rydym hefyd yn cynnal digwyddiadau eraill fel:

  • Laserzone

  • Gemau LAN

  • Twrnameintiau Gemau

  • Digwyddiadau Ar-lein

  • Teithiau Confensiwn

  • Digwyddiadau Rhyddhau Gemau

Rydym hefyd yn darparu nifer o wahanol ffryntiau fel fforwm, grwp steam a grwp facebook. Felly gallech chi ffeindio ni yn y brifysgol yn edrych i chwarae neu yn trafod gemau gyda chi, Ymunwch heddiw a dechreuwch chwarae!

Lle i ffeindio ni: