The I.W.W. aka The Wobblies, is a radical grassroots union which fights for better conditions today and for economic democracy for tomorrow. The I.W.W. specializes in training its members in areas of direct-action and direct-democracy. Our entire ethos is that ordinary people are best placed to lead and create change in society. Unlike other groups, we're not just a talking shop or expect you to follow a party line, we put our members in charge, training each one to build and lead campaigns and take actions that can win. 

Solidarity is our strength and we prove it by looking after each other. We can provide advice and representation when it comes to problems at work, university and landlords but we're also much more than that. We're not here solely to provide a service; we're here to build a movement, winning bigger and better victories for students and working people as our movement grows in strength and confidence.

Originally founded in 1905, the I.W.W. has a rich and proud history, organising workers into revolutionary 'industrial unions' which meant organising workers by industries like in education, services, transport etc. No matter where you work or not at all the I.W.W. can give you the support to defend your rights. In the UK, a third of our membership is made up of people involved in education being lecturers, students and admin staff. When a problem arises, all members will stand together in solidarity and will come together for action. This is represented strongly in one of our main slogans "An injury to one is an injury to all."

This is how we defend and fight for better conditions and how we can build a better future. Political democracy is limited without democracy from within. If we are to make lasting change then we must make our institution democratically controlled and centred around the people, not profits.

We would like to see the university in the hands of the students and lecturers for the benefit of us rather than an elite few for the benefit of profits and business. We will actively fight the corporate changes happening at our university. Who else but the regular people can stop it? When we organise into a One Big Movement we can start to take possession of our university, our industries and then run them democratically for the good of all. Get involved with us today!