People & Planet

People and Planet is a nationwide radical environmental and worker rights activist and campaign group. The aim of People and Planet is to work with and to challenge the university to help create meaningful and tangible change through direct organising. We're a participatory and democratic group, we aim to empower our members to take initiatives and to do things themselves (D.I.Y!). We do not have a specific ideological belief but believe in contributions from those who are committed to collective liberation and to the campaigns that we support and run.



We work closely with other activists and organisations which believe in the same aims, in and outside the University, such as TSD Environment Society, the I.W.W. and other People & People societies and affiliated society throughout Wales and the South West. We have Regional organising meetings in Bristol, the green capital of Europe on how we can coordinate regional campaigns and activism.

People and Planet run many workshops throughout the year on topics that include

  • Investigative Journalism
  • Knowing your rights
  • Workers' Power in an Hour (I.W.W.)
  • Non-Violent Direct Action
  • And Many More

People and Planet run transport and trips throughout the year to protest sites and for training. Once a year People & Planet run a week of camping and workshops called 'Power Shift'. Power Shift is a 5 day training open to all students who want to shift power from big business and elites to people who believe that another world is possible. It is  5 days of workshops and exercises in giving students the skills and tools to run campaigns and be active on campus. This is done in the summer after term has finished.



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