Freshers Checklist

What to bring with you to Swansea University! 


For a lot of students, starting University means living away from home for the first time, it can be nerve wracking and confusing  figuring out what you need to bring along with you, what to buy and what you can do without, but we’re here to help! We wanted to share some ideas for essential items but also things you might not think of that might be useful as a Swansea Student! 


House and communal items: 

  • Tea towels - Bring more than you think – these things get dirty really quickly in a uni kitchen! 
  • Bin bags - in our halls, bins are changed for you Monday-Friday, but if you are in a house, it is essential you have black, pink, and green bin bags for all the separate recycling (check the bin collection days here) 
  • Oven gloves -Chances are there’ll be more than a few oven pizzas being cooked this year, so an oven glove is essential. 
  • Bottle opener and corkscrew - A bottle opener or corkscrew is an easy thing to forget but an essential for many. Bring one along and be a halls hero (but remember to drink responsibly!). 
  • Kitchen utensils
    • Cutlery 
    • Wooden spoons 
    • Masher 
    • Spatula 
    • Spaghetti spoon 
    • Sieve 
    • Knives  
    • Grater 
  • Kitchen items 
    • Frying pans 
    • Saucepans 
    • Pots 
    • Plates 
    • Bowls 
    • Glasses 
    • Mugs 
    • Tupperware 
    • Foil 
    • Baking Tray 
    • Kitchen Scissors 
  • Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi is complimentary in our student halls and is essential for obvious reasons. If you’re a returning student who’s moving into private rented accommodation and need your broadband sorting, be sure to look around for the best deal! 
  • Stationary Essentials
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • White Tac
    • Drawing pins 


Personal stuff? 

  • Laundry basket - Chances are you’ll be lugging your washing to and from a launderette, so you’ll need a suitable container to do this with  
  • Clothes 
  • Jackets – lots! It changes weather here a lot in Wales 
  • Shoes 
  • Sports clothes and equipment  
  • Clothes Airer 
  • Mattress protector and topper 
  • Pillows 
  • Hangers - When you’re packing up your clothes, bring your hangers too! They’re super easy to forget, but so important for making good use of your space. 
  • Extension Leads 
  • Duvet Set 
  • Umbrella - Let’s be honest, you’re moving to Swansea.... Don’t get caught out. 
  • Toiletries  
  • First aid kit and medicine - A kit with things such as plasters, and painkillers is a really good shout. Freshers’ flu is a thing: even if you’ve not had too much to drink, the long hours, excessive socialising, and junk food meals in the first few weeks at uni can take a toll on you… 
  • Handheld bathroom caddy - If you’re sharing a bathroom, a little caddy to bring your toiletries to and from the bathroom is a great idea to keep everything together. 
  • Shower matt 
  • Flip flops or sliders 
  • Mirror 
  • Desk lamp 
  • Iron 


Fun stuff? 

  • Wavey garms – During your time at Swansea Uni, we have LOTS of themed nights, events and socials that require you to dress up to your maximum potential!  
  • Your Sin Shoes - get a dediated pair of clubbing shoes before you ruin your favourite pair!
  • Uni merch -  Our merchandise shop Fulton Outfitters is your place to grab hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags and more, to show the world where you study.  
  • Deck Chair & Surfboard – The beach is right on your doorstep and the biggest part of your university experience; deck chairs are so important for those beach days and bonfire nights. 



Hopefully this will be a handy list to consult as you’re packing to move to Swansea Uni and will give you some insight in things you’ll need to bring to university. Happy packing!