What meetings do Reps attend?


There are two main meetings School Reps attend:

Student Staff Forums (SSFs) – Each School has its own SSF. Basically, it's the place for Reps and staff to chat about feedback they've had from classmates. These happen at least once a term.

Board of Studies (BoS) - The BoS looks at the content of courses and approves any changes that need to be made. Reps attend these with academics from the Uni. The Board of Studies meet on a termly basis.

Student Forums – Run by the Students’ Union to bring the wants and needs of the students to the higher level possible. You’ll have the opportunity to vote on key matters about your student experience and your elected officers to account. There are usually 3 of these a year.

Students’ Union Annual General Meeting – The Annual General Meeting (AGM) occurs once a year and is an opportunity for the Union to explain what impact it is having. Your elected officers and trustees will update you on the finances of the Union and you’ll have the opportunity to vote on motions that have been submitted.

Academic Reps