What's the difference between a Subject Rep and a School Rep?


Subject Reps represent students on their course, taking any feedback (positive or negative) to the department to make sure it gets sorted. If anything becomes a bigger issue or is relevant to the whole School, the School Reps will then assist and may work with the Education Officer to get it sorted.

There are hundreds of Subject Reps as there are hundreds of courses. There are 2 undergraduate and 1 postgraduate taught School Reps per School. There are 11 Schools in total across the 3 faculties.

Being a School Rep involves greater commitment including attending Education Committee monthly to share the most pressing issues with other School Reps and the Students’ Union. They are also expected to co-chair their Schools Student Staff Forum (SSF) and attend other university meetings as necessary – but this is not a full list of all their responsibilities! As a thank you for their hard work they are eligible to receive a £300 cash bursary at the end of the academic year.

Academic Reps