Chat with Chiz

Chat with Chiz!

The most common question that I get asked by my friends, family and students is ‘So what do you actually do as President?’ Well... the list is endless and no two days at work are the same. In fact, no two weeks are the same either. Since starting my role in June, it’s already been a whirlwind experience and I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself, the Uni and the SU.

You guys are the driving force of everything we do at the SU. We plan campaigns for you, we throw parties for you and we run shops and bars for you. Every single policy is made by you or with your best interests at heart. That’s why I’ve been involved in the SU since I was a fresher and that’s why I ran for this role.

As President, I lead all democratic procedures, making sure that all students are fairly represented and I chair nearly all of the Union’s meetings. I’m also the key contact between the Union and the Uni. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what my role actually consists of.


So, what have I actually done as President so far?

1. I spent the summer training and going to conferences across the UK. I’ve attended around 9 conferences (and counting), which have given me the opportunity to network with other officers across the UK.

2. Over the summer, I planned Freshers with the rest of the team and the Union staff. This was probably one of my favourite tasks as I’d already worked over two freshers fortnights as a student so I knew what to expect.

3. Before the term started, the Union moved to Faraday and us FTOs and Student Voice Coordinators moved to Bay Campus to enhance our engagement over there. We also took over 52°, decorated JC’s, refurbished Costcutter and expanded Root!

4. After Freshers, campaign season kicked in. I planned Black History Month with our BME officer, Fardowsa, and I did a talk which our lovely friends from NUS Wales came to see. We also had an inspiring Skype call from an activist from the Black Lives Matter campaign in New York.

5. I planned Hate Crime Awareness Week with some help from the Welfare Officer, Shona, the Advice and Support Cenrtre, and Campus Life.

6. Shona, our Women's officer, Alex, and I have also planned Bystander Intervention Training and a 16 Days of Activism campaign to help end violence against women and girls.

7. I’ve been to countless meetings with University, sitting on Academic and Planning Group boards to make sure that your voice is heard across the Uni.

8. We held our first Student Forum of the year, which loads of students came to see (go us!!!). This is another way to make sure that your voice is always heard.

9. In the world of NUS, I’ve been elected onto the Welsh Women's Committee and the National Society and Citizenship Committee. Both of these committees will plan and implement key policies in NUS, which affect your life as a student.

10. I’ve been completing promises from my manifesto.


As much as I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve done so far, I haven’t had time to stop and reflect on what’s really important. For me, the most important thing about my job is you! Like I said before, you guys are the driving force of everything we do in the Union, and I love that. I love working for an organisation that values students and listens to what they want.

That’s why I’ve decided to hold 'Chat with Chiz' drop-in sessions. I want to sit down and chat to you about the problems that you’re facing and how we can make your experience at Swansea Uni the best it can be. I had the BEST three years of my life at Uni and that was mainly because of the Union - and I want you to have the same experience! We’re a charity that’s run BY and FOR you and I’m a President for the people!


So please, pop in for a chat, laugh or cry (and cake), and remember that my door’s always open and I’m only an e-mail or phonecall away.


Love from,

Your elected President,

Chiz x