Christmas Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

From 16th December, here's when our services will be open over the Christmas period:


Monday 16th December - Thursday 19th December:                   8am-7pm

Friday 20th December:                                                                  8am-3pm

Saturday 21st December - Wednesday 1st January:                    CLOSED

Thursday 2nd January:                                                                  8am-7pm

Friday 3rd January:                                                                        8am-7pm


Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th December:                                 10am-4pm

Wednesday 18th December:                                                         CLOSED

Thursday 19th December:                                                             10am-4pm

Friday 20th December:                                                                  10am-3pm

Saturday 21st - Monday 6th January:                                            CLOSED

Root Zero           

Monday 16th December:                                                               10am-3pm

Tuesday 17th December - Monday 6th January:                            CLOSED           

Fulton Outfitters       

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th December:                                 10am-4pm

Wednesday 18th December - Monday 6th January:                     CLOSED 

Tafarn Tawe

Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December:    9am-late 

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th December:                                  10am-5pm

Saturday 21st December - Friday 3rd January:                            CLOSED 

Saturday 4th January and Sunday 5th January:                           12pm-6pm 


Monday 16th December - Monday 6th January                             CLOSED