House Things?

House Things?

If you’re starting to think about accommodation options for next year and have decided that the private-rented sector (house or private accommodation) is for you, don’t panic! We’re here to help.

1. When should I start looking for a house? 

Don't rush - there are plenty of houses to go around so you'll always have somewhere to live! Make sure you get to know the people you’re thinking of living with and don’t rush into anything. We recommend starting after your January exams, as some good houses become free later in the year. 

2. Who do I live with? 

The first big decision you’ll have to make is who you’d want to share your house with. Finding the right people is as (if not more) important than finding the right property. You’ll need to consider some basics first: Will they do washing-up and be clean? Do you have similar lifestyles? Can you all afford similar budget houses? Are they people you want to share your uni years with?  

3. What's the difference between an agency? and a ?landlord? 

An agency is a ?company through which an agreement is made between a landlord and tenant for the rental of a property. The agency manages the admin and repairs of the property.  A landlord is a ?property owner who lets out their ?house themselves and deals with the? tenants directly.? 

?3. Who? would you recommend renting a house from? 

There are pros and cons to both. We work with the Uni to bring you SAS Lettings -?we ?don’t charge admin fees and we have a strict safety standard so there’s no dodgy business.? But there are plenty of? estate agents in Swansea, so make sure you have a through look around! Good websites to start looking are: Rightmove, Accommodation for students or Facebook groups such as Swansea Uni Student Houses.  

?4. Where should I live? 

Things to consider...

The distance to Uni and town. Are there transport links to shops, cafes, supermarkets and gyms? Does the area feel safe both during the day and at night? If you have a car, do you need a parking permit?  

These are the main areas in Swansea where students live: 

St Thomas: Ideal for Bay Campus students, just opposite the marina area of Swansea.
Brynmill:? One of the most popular areas to live in, situated right next to Singleton campus and the beach. 
?Uplands:? Close to Singleton campus and the seafront but slightly further inland. 
?Sandfields: ?Near the City Centre and just a short stroll to Swansea Bay. 
Sketty: ?At the top of Singleton Park, and a short walk from Singleton campus. Mount Pleasant: Between Uplands and the City Centre, good connection to the bus to Bay and Singleton campus

5. What else do I need to consider? 

The neighbours! It's not just students who live in Swansea, but plenty of families and other individuals too. It’s best to introduce yourself at the start of the year and share your details with them. That way if there are ever any issues, you know who to speak to. ?This goes for having pre-drinks ?as well! If you know? your neighbour works nights and will be up at 6am, it might be best to avoid hosting it? and suggesting a different place instead. 

6. What should I look for in a contract? 

Make sure you take a copy of the contract and read it over before signing anything – if you there's anything you’re unsure about, just ask the landlord. If they're no help, pop into our? Advice and Support Centre, and we can ?check over it for you! 

7. What is a deposit scheme? 

It’s a legal necessity that all deposits are paid into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDP). Once you’ve handed over your deposit, your landlord must give you contact details of this scheme within 14 days. The Government approved schemes to look out for are: 
Tenancy Deposit Scheme Ltd 
Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd 
?Deposit Protection Services 

8. What do I do if I can’t get my deposit back?at the end of the year? 

Get in contact with the? Advice and Support Centre, and they'll make sure you're within your rights to get it back, then help you contact your agency/landlord about it. 

9. What is Rent Smart Wales? 

All landlords in Wales must register with Rent Smart Wales. They’ll get the right training and a licence to show you they’re the real deal, so no funny business. You can check that your landlord is registered or make a complaint about their behaviour at?

10. What? do I do if someone I'm living with drops out? 

This will depend on the kind of contract you signed. Unless you signed a single contract, ?the rest of the house will be responsible for filling the space. Be sure to try and help support the ?housemate who's? making this decision and come to an agreement on how the room will be paid for if the ?worst-case ?scenario happens and you can’t replace them. But don’t worry, there are always people looking for houses! 

11. What do I do if I want to move out as you don’t feel comfortable? 

Just be honest with your housemates, and remember there was once a time when you all wanted to live together. If you are having difficulties,?try to speak it out with each other. If that doesn't work, our? Advice and Support Centre? are always here to help. 

12. How does the bins/recycling system work? 

Uplands and ?Brynmill ?collection ?is ?on a Wednesday and you’ll need to learn what goes where! 
Green Week: ?Put glass and cans in one bag, and paper and card in ?another, and put out your food bin. 
Pink Week: ?Put plastic in a pink bag and non-recyclables in black bags, and out your food bin. 

13. Where shall I park? 

Not all houses are lucky enough to provide a space to park, but you can apply for a permit through the council. Remember though that Swansea is quite a heavily populated area and you’ll most likely be living amongst families along with other students. Be mindful and think before bringing your car – ask yourself if you'll really need it? If you do, be mindful of how and where you park!

Os ydych chi'n dechrau meddwl am opsiynau llety ar gyfer y flwyddyn nesaf ac wedi penderfynu bod y sector preifat (ty neu lety preifat) i chi, peidiwch â phoeni! Rydyn ni yma i'ch helpu

1. Pryd ddylwn i ddechrau chwilio am dy?

Peidiwch â rhuthro - mae yna ddigon o dai i bawb felly bydd wastad rhywle i fyw! Gwnewch yn siwr eich bod chi'n dod i adnabod y bobl rydych chi'n meddwl am fyw gyda nhw a pheidiwch â rhuthro i mewn i unrhyw beth. Rydyn ni'n argymell cychwyn ar ôl eich arholiadau ym mis Ionawr, gan fod rhai tai da yn dod yn rhydd yn ddiweddarach yn y flwyddyn.

2. Gyda phwy ddylwn i fyw? 

Mae'r penderfyniad mawr cyntaf yn ymwneud â'r bobl i rannu'r ty gyda nhw. Mae dod o hyd i'r bobl gywir yr un mor bwysig (os nad yn bwysicach) na dod o hyd i'r ty cywir. Bydd angen i chi ystyried rhai pethau sylfaenol yn gyntaf: A fyddant yn golchi llestri ac yn lân? Oes gennych chi ffyrdd o fyw tebyg? Allwch chi i gyd fforddio tai tebyg? Ydyn nhw'n bobl rydych chi am rannu'ch blynyddoedd yn y brifysgol â nhw?

3. Beth yw'r gwahaniaeth rhwng asiantaeth a landlord?

Mae asiantaeth yn gwmni lle mae cytundeb yn cael ei wneud rhwng landlord a thenant ar gyfer rhentu eiddo. Mae'r asiantaeth yn rheoli gweinyddiaeth ac atgyweirio'r eiddo. Mae landlord yn berchennog eiddo sy'n rhentu eu ty allan ac yn delio â thenantiaid yn uniongyrchol.

?4. O ble fyddech chi'n argymell rhentu ty? 

Mae manteision ac anfanteision i'r ddau. Rydyn ni'n gweithio gyda'r Brifysgol i gynnal SAS Lettings - nid ydyn ni'n codi ffioedd gweinyddol ac mae gennyn ni safon ddiogelwch lem felly nid oes unrhyw fusnes amheus. Ond mae yna ddigon o werthwyr tai yn Abertawe, felly gwnewch yn siwr eich bod chi'n edrych o gwmpas! Gwefannau da i ddechrau edrych yw: Rightmove, Llety i fyfyrwyr neu grwpiau Facebook fel Swansea Uni Student Houses.

?5. Ble dylwn i fyw? 

Pethau i'w hystyried: pellter o'r Brifysgol a'r dref, cysylltiadau trafnidiaeth (bysiau, trenau...), siopau, caffis, archfarchnadoedd a champfeydd agos, a yw'r ardal yn teimlo'n ddiogel yn ystod y dydd a'r nos? Os oes gennych chi gar, a oes angen trwydded barcio arnoch chi?

Mae pum prif faes yn Abertawe lle gall myfyrwyr fyw:

- Brynmill: Un o'r ardaloedd mwyaf poblogaidd i fyw ynddo, wedi'i leoli drws nesaf i gampws Singleton a'r traeth.

-?Uplands: Yn agos at gampws Singleton a glan y môr ond ychydig ymhellach o'r môr.

-?Sandfields: Ger Canol y Ddinas a glan y môr ond taith fer i Fae Abertawe.

-Sgeti:?Ar ben Parc Singleton, a thaith gerdded fer o gampws Singleton.

- Mount Pleasant: Rhwng Uplands a Chanol y Ddinas, cysylltiadau bws da i gampws y Bae a champws Singleton

-?St Thomas: Yn ddelfrydol ar gyfer myfyrwyr Campws y Bae, cyferbyn ag ardal marina Abertawe.

6. Beth arall sydd angen i mi ei ystyried? 

Y cymdogion! Nid myfyrwyr yn unig sy'n byw yn Abertawe, ond llwyth o deuluoedd ac unigolion eraill hefyd. Y peth gorau i'w wneud yw cyflwyno'ch hun ar ddechrau'r flwyddyn a rhannu eich manylion gyda nhw. Felly, os oes unrhyw broblemau erioed, rydych chi'n gwybod pwy i siarad â nhw. Mae hyn yn wir am gael partioedd yn dda! Os ydych chi'n gwybod bod eich cymydog yn gweithio nosweithiau ac yn deffro am 6am, efallai y byddai'n well osgoi cynnal parti ac awgrymu rhywle gwahanol yn lle.

7. Beth ddylwn i edrych amdano mewn contract? 

Gwnewch yn siwr eich bod chi'n cymryd copi o'r contract a'i ddarllen drosodd cyn llofnodi unrhyw beth - os oes unrhyw beth nad ydych chi'n siwr amdano, gofynnwch i'r landlord. Os nad ydyn nhw'n helpu, galwch heibio ein Canolfan Cyngor a Chymorth, a gallwn ni edrych drosto ar eich rhan chi!

8. Beth yw cynllun blaendal? 

Mae'n anghenraid cyfreithiol bod blaendaliadau yn cael eu talu i Gynllun Blaendal Tenantiaeth (TDP). Ar ôl i chi drosglwyddo'ch blaendal, rhaid i'ch landlord roi manylion cyswllt y cynllun hwn i chi o fewn 14 diwrnod. Y cynlluniau a gymeradwywyd gan y Llywodraeth i edrych amdanynt yw:

-?Tenancy Deposit Scheme Ltd 

-?Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd 
-?Deposit Protection Services 

9. Beth ddylwn i ei wneud os allaf gael fy mlaendal yn ôl ar ddiwedd y flwyddyn?

Cysylltwch â'r Canolfan Cyngor a Chymorth, a byddant yn sicrhau eich bod o fewn eich hawliau i'w gael yn ôl, yna byddant yn eich helpu i gysylltu â'ch asiantaeth/landlord amdano. 

10. Beth yw Rhentu Doeth Cymru? 

Rhaid i bob landlord yng Nghymru gofrestru gyda Rhentu Doeth Cymru. Bydd ganddyn nhw'r hyfforddiant a thrwydded gywir i ddangos i chi eu bod nhw'n ddibynadwy. Gallwch wirio bod eich landlord wedi'i gofrestru neu wneud cwyn am ei ymddygiad ar

11. Beth ddylwn i ei wneud os yw rhywun rydw i'n byw gyda nhw'n cwympo allan?

Bydd hyn yn dibynnu ar y math o gontract a lofnodwyd gennych. Oni bai eich bod chi wedi llofnodi un contract, bydd gweddill y ty yn gyfrifol am lenwi'r lle. Gwnewch yn siwr eich bod chi'n ceisio helpu i gefnogi'ch cyd-letywr sy'n gwneud y penderfyniad hwn a dod i gytundeb ar sut i dalu am yr ystafell os na allwch chi ddod i hyd i rywun arall i fyw yno. Ond peidiwch â phoeni, mae wastad pobl yn chwilio am dai!

12. Beth ddylwn i ei wneud os ydw i am symud allan gan nad ydw i'n teimlo'n gyfforddus?

Byddwch yn onest gyda'ch cydletywyr, a chofiwch roeddech chi am fyw gyda'r bobl hyn ar un adeg. Os ydych chi'n cael anawsterau, mae ein Canolfan Cyngor a Chymorth wastad ar gael i helpu.

13. Sut mae'r biniau/system ailgylchu yn gweithio?

Mae casgliad biniau Uplands a?Brynmill?ar Ddydd Mercher a bydd rhaid i chi ddysgu beth sy'n mynd ble!

Wythnos Werdd:?Rhowch wydr a chaniau mewn un bag, a phapur a cherdyn mewn bag arall, a rhowch allan eich bin bwyd.

Wythnos Binc:?Rhowch blastig mewn bag pinc a deunyddiau na ellir eu hailgylchu mewn bagiau du, a rhowch allan eich bin bwyd.

14. Ble dylwn i barcio?

Nid yw pob ty yn ddigon ffodus i ddarparu lle i barcio, ond gallwch wneud cais am drwydded trwy'r cyngor. Cofiwch serch hynny fod Abertawe yn ardal eithaf poblog ac mae'n debyg y byddwch chi'n byw ymhlith teuluoedd ynghyd â myfyrwyr eraill. Byddwch yn ystyriol a meddyliwch cyn dod â'ch car - gofynnwch i'ch hun a fydd ei angen arnoch chi mewn gwirionedd. Os gwnewch hynny, cofiwch sut a ble rydych chi'n parcio!