Results of the Student Forum Ideas Vote

Every student in the University can put forward an Idea to a Student Forum. Every student in the University is then given the opportunity to vote on the Ideas put forward to each Student Forum. You can find a list of all Student Forums by clicking here.

For the Student Forum on November 7th, the following Idea was put to the vote:

Pole Fitness Affiliation

The Students' Union notes:
1. That a discussion was held by the Students’ Union Trustee Board regarding the status of the Pole Fitness society and a decision was made to rescind their affiliation with the Students’ Union.
2. Subsequently, the Students’ Union Executive Committee met to debate the issue and it was decided that there was insufficient consultation with students over the issue.

The Students' Union believes:
1. The Students’ Union should reflect the views of students in its decision making.
2. That there needs to be more student consultation on the issue. 

The Students' Union resolves:
1. That an online referendum be held on whether or not the Pole Fitness society should affiliate with the Students’ Union. There shall be no quoracy, and the matter shall be decided upon a simple majority.

Proposer: Alex McKenzie
Seconder: Rosie Inman

Supported by: Beth Morris, Heidi Muir, Emma Barratt, Chay Close, Zahid Raja, Ceinwen Cloney, Rebecca Grimes, Simon Wilde, Tori-Ilana Evans, Joel Gascoyne, Rachel Hodgson, Nish Patel, Eva Donoghue, Charlotte Peters, Matthew Johnson, Lewys Aron.

Results for the Pole Fitness Idea was as follows:

Total votes: 142

FOR: 126

As stated in the Idea, the Students’ Union will now conduct an online referendum asking students whether or not the Pole Fitness society should be affiliated with the Students’ Union. As this is not a constitutional issue, we have more flexibility in running this referendum. Therefore as specified in the Idea, there shall be no quoracy, and the matter shall be decided upon by a simple majority.

The referendum will open on Wednesday 13th November (tomorrow) at 12:00pm and close on Friday 15th November at 12:00pm.

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