Student Forum 25th Feb 2014

No More Page 3

This motion is amended due to parts 1 and 2 removed at this evenings forum and asks if the Union should support the 'No More Page 3' campaign.

No More Page 3

This Union notes:

  1. That The Sun has featured female models as a 'Page 3' feature since 1969, with the first nude model appearing in 1970
  2. That The Daily Star also features topless/nude female models on Page 3
  3. That The Daily Mirror featured topless Page 3 models in the 1970s but dropped the feature in the 1980s
  4. That ‘Page 3’ models were as young as 16-years-old until 2003, when the age limit was increased to 18-years-old
  5. That, to date, over 30 Students' Unions around the country have already removed The Sun from their shops including: Abertay, Aberystwyth, Birmingham City, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Durham, Dundee, Edinburgh, East Anglia, Essex, Hull, Kingston, Leeds, Leeds Met, LSE, Manchester Met, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford Brookes, Sheffield, Stirling, UCL, Winchester, York St John and Brasenose College, St Hugh’s College, New College, University College and Teddy Hall, Oxford
  6. That SUSU is committed to equality and opposes sexism, and has shown this through our Zero Tolerance policy and by voting to remove 'Lads Mags' from SUSU shops
  7. That SUSU operates and manages a SPAR in Hendrefoelan Student Village and a SPAR on Langland Terrace, Brynmill
  8. That SUSU and Swansea University jointly operate and manage MyCostCutter on campus
  9. That SUSU makes on average a profit of just £13.20 p/w on the Sun and just £6.20 p/w on the Daily Star from these three outlets combined
  10. That as of 17/02/2014, the No More Page 3 petition at has received 135,469 signatures
  11. That many high-profile organisations publicly back the No More Page 3 campaign, including the National Assembly for Wales, UK Girlguiding, National Union of Teachers, British Youth Council, Rape Crisis, Women's Aid, End Violence Against Women Coalition, White Ribbon Campaign, Everyday Sexism Project, OBJECT, Mumsnet and more
  12. That the End Violence Against Women Coalition has repeatedly highlighted the sexualisation of women in the media and popular culture as a 'conducive context' for violence against women
  13. That the Leveson Inquiry that investigated allegations of phone hacking and press intrusion also heard evidence against ‘Page 3’ from a number of women’s organisations which resulted in Leveson concluding that "the degree to which the [Page 3] images may reflect a wider cultural failure to treat women with dignity and respect and/or a practice which, intentionally or not, has the effect of demeaning and degrading women."
  14. That the overwhelming majority of the women featured on Page 3 are slim, white and able-bodied
  15. That The Sun and The Daily Star are marketed as family newspapers and there is no age restriction on buying them

This Union believes:

  1. That everyday sexism – such as the objectification of women in a daily newspaper – is a major problem in our society and one that must be challenged
  2. That boobs aren’t news and ‘Page 3’presents an outdated and sexist portrayal of the role of women in society
  3. That nudity and pornography are not inherently bad, but do not belong in a daily 'family' newspaper
  4. That the lack of diversity seen in Page 3 models promotes and upholds very narrow beauty standards
  5. That the constant representation of women as sexual objects is damaging to both children and adults and, as an institution with an on-campus nursery and many student parents, we should take responsibility for the material made available in our shops and venues
  6. Newspapers with ‘Page 3’ content regularly place the successes of women in other areas, such as sport, in a significantly less preferential position in the newspaper compared to the women on ‘Page 3’ (e.g. Jessica Ennis’ Olympic gold medal win) and that the largest and most prominent depiction of a woman in a daily newspaper should not be of a passive, sexualised, nude model

This Union resolves:

  1. To openly support the national 'No More Page 3' campaign

Proposer: Rosie Inman - Women's Officer

Seconder: Rachel Hodgson - LGBT Officer (Women's Place)

Supporters: SUSU Feminist Society

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