A referendum is your chance to make a change through a direct vote on a proposed idea (or motion). To find out more about submitting a motion click here. All Swansea University students are eligible to vote in a referendum.

This year we have 1 referendum question being asked:

  1. These are our current affiliations. Do you agree that SUSU should re-affiliate with each organisation?
    • Advice UK at £282 Per Annum?
    • The NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association) at £169 Per Annum?
    • NUS (National Union of Students) at £20,425 Per Annum?
    • The SRA (Student Radio Association) at £80 Per Annum?
    • The NaSTA (National Student Television Association) at £60 Per Annum?
    • UKCISA (United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs) at £0 Per Annum?

For more details on what these organisations do and how we work with them, please click here.

To vote, go to swansea-union.co.uk/elections 

Cheerleading Coach for a New Team

The Cheerleading club is looking at expanding its club committee to include a new coach.

New Coach

Over the last few years, the Cheerleading Club has been extremely successful in a wide array of aspects of the club, not least of all its membership. The club has grown massively and as a result, not all members of the club have been able to participate in the way we had hoped this year. Spaces on competition and game-day teams can be limiting, and options to showcase skills can be few and far between.

We believe that with the growing size of our club that we will need a new coach to facilitate a new team. A new team will allow us to cater to a larger audience of different skill levels, whilst also ensuring that a greater proportion of our members have an opportunity to compete and/or perform.