What Makes Swansea Union?

Swansea University Students' Union is a registered charity which was first started way back in 1920 – the same time as the University opened.

Every single Swansea University student has always had a voice through us.

We’ve grown a bit since then, now acting as the voice for almost 20,000 students.

We work across both Bay and Singleton campuses, have 4 shops, 3 bars and run over 280 events for students every year. Our main priority is making sure that Swansea University students have the best time at University; to do this, we work with the University on your welfare, your education and your every day experience.

We're strategically ran by 8 trustees who include the 5 elected full-time officers and 3 external trustees. External trustees are volunteers usually selected for the knowledge, skills and experience that they can bring to the Students' Union. They work really closely with our Senior Management Team which includes our Chief Executive Officer and the Head of Finance and Operations both of which make sure that the Students' Union is at the best it can be every day.

Our governance is dictated by the Articles of Governance and Schedules, which can be found here < 17. SUSU_Full Articles of Governance Final-Version-24April2017 > Within the Articles of Governance are all the 'committees' that help with the day to day running of the Union have their purpose and remit explained, and the 'schedules' provide additional guidance about what they are able to achieve.

One of the committees outlined in the Articles of Governance is the Executive Committee, which consists of 22 members:

The Executive Committee meets approximately every 3 weeks to discuss the general governance of the Students’ Union, and allows for all aspects of the student experience to have a voice and be heard.

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