The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting which happens every year and where you can get the full picture of what impact we've made at the Union.

Among other things, you will receive:

  • the annual fully audited accounts of the Union and its companies
  • receive an annual report from Trustees
  • appoint and remove Honorary Life Members and Patrons
  • have a chance to put any questions you may have to the Trustees Board.
  • Debate any motions that have been put forward

Basically, it's an opportunity for you to see what it is that Your Union has been doing in the last year!

Check out who's already got Honorary Lifetime Membership here!

Dyma bwy sydd ag Aelodaeth Anrhydeddus am Oes yn barod!

2017 - 2018 AGM

This AGM was held on Monday 27th of March at 6pm in the Refectory, Fulton House. To read the minutes from the AGM please click here

Cafodd y CCB ei gynnal ar Ddydd LDyma bwy sydd ag Aelodaeth Anrhydeddus am Oes yn barod!lun 27ain Mawrth am 6yh yn y Ffreutur, Ty Fulton. I ddarllen y nodiadau, ewch yma.

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