Have Your Say

We want your voice to be heard. That's why all students can create change at the Uni by submitting a motion and attending our student forums.

What is a student forum?
Student forums are events held throughout the academic year, offering a chance for all students to get together and hold your Elected Officer team to account and find out what they're working on for you! The Officer team also go through motions that have been submitted by you.
What is a motion?
Motions are policy proposals which can be submitted by students for consideration at the Student Forum (or the Executive Committee). Motions are general issues that will affect all, if not most students and can bring positive change to the Uni if passed.
How do I submit a motion?
Motions can be submitted 8 days prior to the Student forum! All you've gotta do is fill in the form here and send it to Student.voice@swansea-union.co.uk.
Who decides if my motion is passed?
Students present at the student forum (or the executive committee).
What happens if my motion is passed?
The motion becomes policy and the Union must create an action plan.
What happens if my motion is rejected?
If the motion is rejected by the Student Forum, you may change or adapt your motion and re submit to the student body. You cannot resubmit the exact same motion!
How will I know when there is a student forum?
We will send you an email and we will also post on our social media accounts , so keep an eye out.