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Why advertise with Swansea University Students' Union?

Swansea Students’ Union represents over 20,000 students across two campuses, our beautiful costal locations helps us to attract thousands of students from across the globe each year. Our students come to us to provide them with experiences that make their University experience the best it can be, so we are best-placed to connect students with brands they'll love. Our students are eager to engage with experiences, products and services that will enhance their time at University.

Introducting native: Our Media Partner

To advertise with us online or on campus, please get in touch with native. As Swansea University Students’ Union’s exclusive advertising partner, native powers our campus media and can help you to build sustainable and impactful relationships with 18-25-year-old students. Learn more about the advertising opportunities at Swansea University Students’ Union’ via our media pack.

To book your next campaign and start reaching students at Swansea University, get in touch with native today.