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Cheerleading Coach for a New Team

The Cheerleading club is looking at expanding its club committee to include a new coach.

New Coach

Over the last few years, the Cheerleading Club has been extremely successful in a wide array of aspects of the club, not least of all its membership. The club has grown massively and as a result, not all members of the club have been able to participate in the way we had hoped this year. Spaces on competition and game-day teams can be limiting, and options to showcase skills can be few and far between.

We believe that with the growing size of our club that we will need a new coach to facilitate a new team. A new team will allow us to cater to a larger audience of different skill levels, whilst also ensuring that a greater proportion of our members have an opportunity to compete and/or perform.


SU Elections Values

At Swansea University Students’ Union we’re all about?inclusion, transparency and community. We use values like these to guide us in everything we do, and we ask our staff, students, and volunteers to carry these with them too. The SU Elections are exactly the same, and while there is some competition involved, we want this to remain friendly and respectful.

After all, everyone involved in the elections is doing so because they want to make positive changes to Swansea, and that’s something to be proud of.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the terms we use during elections, you can visit our Elections Glossary below.

Election Terminology

Below are some common election terms and acronyms and their definitions. If there are any terms you think should be added to this list let us by emailing us at

Active Campaigning
This is the time in which candidates can actively get people to vote for them. During this period, candidates are allowed to put promotional materials online, add students to Facebook pages, display physical promotional materials etc.
Annual General Meeting - This is a large forum where a wide variety of students come to debate and determine the direction of the Students’ Union.

Any student can attend, and any student can submit a motion for discussion. This is also where the Students' Union presents its accounts, informs students of its performance and listens to student feedback.
Black & Minority Ethnic
Campaigning is the activity where candidates try and secure votes. Expect flyers, videos, t-shirts, banners and more!
Campaign Week
This is the week when candidates will be actively campaigning for your votes.
These are the students that are standing in the election.
Full-time Officer - the heads of the Students' Union who are elected by students to represent their views.
This is an event where candidates can debate issues affecting students. Questions for the candidates can be submitted by students.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender +
Liberation Groups
Liberation Groups are BME, LGBT+, Students with Disabilities, Women and Welsh Language. Liberation campaigns seek to represent and empower individuals who experience discrimination and disadvantages in terms of status and opportunity because they belong to, or are perceived as belonging to, a particular social group.
A Manifesto is the
Putting yourself forward to stand for a position in the election.
Nomination Period
This is when students can nominate themselves to stand in the elections!
National Union of Students - the national voice of students. The NUS helps students to campaign, get cheap student discounts and provides advice on living student life to the full.
Open Place
This means that any student can run for the position, regardless of what gender they define as.
Prep Week
This is when candidates start their preparations for Campaign Week! Also known as Soft Campaigning.
Part-time Officer - they're elected by students to represent different areas students are effected by. These positions are undertaken alongside students' studies and are part-time and voluntary.
This is the minimum number of votes needed for a policy to pass.
This is when all the students at the University are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question. For each referendum motion, arguments for and against are put forward by campaigners for both sides.
This is the definition of your identity and is used to determine if you belong to any of the liberation groups. It might seem obvious to yourself that you define as black or as a woman or LGBT+ etc. but to avoid any confusion, we ask you to declare how you self-define.
Soft Campaigning
This is the preparation period before voting opens. During time students may be getting a campaign team together, creating Facebook page without people being added, setting up Twitter accounts, making videos etc.
Swansea University Students' Union
A trustee is legally responsible for the Students’ Union and makes decisions on the direction of the organisation.

The Elections Timeline



Nominations open

Monday 24th January


Nominations close

Friday 18th February


Soft Campaigning period

Friday 18th February - Friday 4th March



Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March


Voting period

11am Monday 7th - 1pm Thursday 10th March


Candidate receipts deadline

3pm Thursday 10th March


Results announced

Friday 11th March



Which roles are up for grabs?


Full-Time Officers - Paid Positions

There are 6 full-time positions up for grabs with a salary over £19,000. These positions shape the future of the Union and University, and they're great for students graduating this year or anyone who wants to take a year out from their studies.

As the president of the Students' Union you'll lead on student-based issues, be the main contact and public voice and sometimes face for the Union Swansea students, as well as responding timely to unexpected challenges. The role is both challenging and rewarding. Some of the matters you'll be involved in range from national campaigns to collaborating with the Uni on-campus initiatives. You'll also be expected to oversee the governance and democracy of the Union, ensuring that it works for the benefit of its members and that its democratic structures are upheld and fit for purpose.

For the President's job description, click here.
Education Officer
As the Education Officer, you will lead the Education Zone within the Students' Union. You'll chair the Education Committee, which is made of College Representatives and work with Subject Representatives. Together, you'll coordinate the training and delivery of student representation with subject and college reps, as well as leading on academic or education-related campaigns and events. The main aim of the Education Officer is to improve academic experience and maintain strong working relationships with staff and Student Reps in the colleges across the Uni.

For the Education Officer's job description, click here.
Sports Officer
As the Sports Officer, you'll represent and support sports clubs, their members and all students interested in sports. You'd be a part of the Sport Swansea committee that creates the sport strategy and ensure it's at the heart of what we do in relation to sports at the Uni. You'll also work with the Sport Swansea team and the Sports Executive to deliver student sports at the Uni, and be involved in BUCS and the Sports Awards. As well as this, you'll be part of the Varsity Board and other groups for Sporting Corporate events, which aims to best deliver these events for our athletes and students.

For the Sports Officer's job description, click here.
Societies and Services Officer
As the Societies and Service Officer, you'll provide support and representation for all of our societies and oversee the services that we provide. The role will give you opportunities to explore new avenues for students and maximize the potential of the current activities, whilst giving students the best experience. You’ll lead various society committees and be at the helm of the decision-making body, which will enable you to influence decisions on behalf of societies so they can run efficiently.

You'll also ensure that the services students want and need are developed and that students get value for money from their Union. All Full-time Officers are responsible for the Union's finances, but the Societies and Services Officer is key to ensuring that students are aware of where resources are allocated and feel a part of the decision making process.

For the Societies and Services Officer's job description, click here.
Welfare Officer
As the Welfare Officer, you will provide support and representation for all students. It'll be your job to inform students of the unique risks they may face and the support and advice that's available. You'll also have the chance to offer support to students who study abroad on International programs like Erasmus. You'll also be a member of the SAS Management Board, ensuring that the service is student-focused and improves student housing. You'll develop a strong working relationship with the Advice & Support Centre to ensure students are aware of the service and identify campaigning issues and objectives.

For the Welfare Officer's job description, click here.
Welsh Affairs Officer
As the Welsh Affairs Officer, you'll ensure that all University and Union content meets the Welsh Language Standards, promote the Welsh language and Welsh culture to all students through various events and work closely with the Welsh community of students to ensure they're fairly represented.

For the Welsh Affairs Officer's job description, click here.

Part-Time Officers - Volunteer Positions

There are 12 part-time officer positions available, which are voluntary and come with lots of benefits and opportunities (and it looks great on your CV). These positions are fulfilled alongside your studies.

Please note:
Some positions are only open to candidates who self-identify as the respective type of student being represented by that role. For example, you must self-identify as woman to become the Women’s Officer.

The Part-time Officer roles that are available in this election are:

BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Officer
The BME Officer represents BME students in a range of areas including academic affairs and social activities. You'll also engage BME students with the Union and represent the SU at NUS Black Students Conference and NUS Wales Black Students Conference in the spring.

To be the BME Officer you must self-define as BME.

For the BME Officer's role description, click here
Environment Officer
You'll campaign on environmental issues and help the Union maintain and improve on its green credentials.

For the Environment Officer's role description, click here
Ethics Officer
You'll raise awareness, promote and campaign on ethics issues within the Union and the University.

For the Ethics Officer's role description, click here.
General Secretary
You'll be impartial and transparent and hold the Full-time Officers to account on behalf of the Part-time Officers and other students.

For the General Secretary's role description, click here.
International Officer
You'll represent all International students and raise awareness by campaigning on issues that affect International students and the wider International population.

For the International Officer's role description, click here.
LGBT+ Officer (Bay Campus)
You'll represent all LGBT+ students who study on Bay Campus, and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting LGBT+ students and the wider LGBT+ population. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS LGBT+ Conference and NUS Wales LGBT+ Conference in the spring.

To be an LGBT+ Officer, you must self-define as LGBT+.

For the Bay Campus LGBT+ Officer's role description, click here.
LGBT+ Officer (Singleton Campus)
You'll represent all LGBT+ students who study on Singleton Campus, and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting LGBT+ students and the wider LGBT+ population. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS LGBT+ Conference and NUS Wales LGBT+ Conference in the spring.

To be an LGBT+ Officer, you must self-define as LGBT+.

For the Singleton Campus LGBT+ Officer's role description, click here
Mature Students Officer
You'll represent mature students in a range of areas including academic affairs and social activities. You'll also engage mature students with the Union and represent the Students’ Union at NUS Mature Students Conference in the spring.

To be the Mature Students Officer, you must self-define as a mature student.

For the Mature Students Officer's role description, click here.
Mental Health Awareness Officer
You'll represent and raise awareness of the issues facing students concerning mental health, whilst representing all Swansea University students.

For the Mental Health Awareness Officer's role description, click here.
Students with Disabilities Officer
You'll represent students with disabilities and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting students with disabilities. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS Student with Disabilities Conference and NUS Wales Student with Disabilities Conference in the spring.

To be the Disabilities Officer, you must self-define as having a disability.

For the Students with Disabilities Officer's role description, click here.
Trans - Non-binary Awareness Officer
You'll represent transgender and non-binary students and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting transgender and non-binary students and the wider population.

For the Trans - Non-binary Awareness Officer's role description, click here.
Women's Officer
You'll represent all students who self-define as women and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting women. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS Student with the Women’s Conference and NUS Wales Women’s Conference in Spring.

To be the Women's Officer you must self-define as a woman.

For the Women's Officer's role description, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a Full-time Officer alongside my studies?
No, this is a full-time, paid position. To be able to undertake the role, you can either defer your studies for a year or stand in your final year of study. The role starts at the end of the academic year.
I live at home - can I stand in the elections?
Yes! Anyone who is a Swansea University student can stand in the elections. It doesn't matter where you live!
I'm a first year - can I stand in the elections?
Yes, it doesn't matter what year you are studying in, anyone can stand in the elections!
On the nominations form, there is an option to upload a photo. Do I have to?
Please email a photo to the Elections Team and they can upload it for you -
A Full-time Officer is also a Student Trustee. What does this mean?
SUSU is a charity, which means we must have trustees to ensure that our actions are legal and financially viable. The majority of the Union's Trustee Board is made up of students, but we also have external professionals to provide advice. The trustees sit in important meetings, oversee the business elements and make sure everything we do is in the best interest of our students.
Can sports clubs or societies endorse candidates?
No, clubs or societies can't officially support a candidate. Any sports club or society supporting an individual candidate can end up with that candidate being penalised.   However, it is strongly advised that clubs and societies promote and support the elections generally!
On the nomination form, there's an option to upload a manifesto. What does this mean and how do I write one?
A manifesto is a document that outlines why people should vote for you. You should write about why you would be good at the role and what campaigns or projects you would work on. Download our guide here.
I've nominated myself! When can I start campaigning?
There are two types of campaigning: Soft and Active.

Soft Campaigning is the preparation period. This is when you might get a campaign team together, make a Facebook page, set up Twitter accounts, make videos etc. Basically, you can tell people you are standing for your position, but you can’t tell people to vote for you or give them reasons that would encourage them to vote for you. No materials with your manifesto on, no videos online, no posters up. You can start soft campaigning when nominations close at 3pm, 22nd February.

Active Campaigning is going out and getting people to vote for you. Materials are allowed to go online, posters and banners are allowed to go on display, lecture shout outs are allowed! You can start actively campaigning from 6pm, 8th March.
Where can I campaign?
You can only campaign within the University campuses - this includes the entire of the main campus and other University buildings. You may also campaign within student nightclubs (at the discretion of their managers). You can't campaign in the library or Students' Union buildings or around computer labs.
Will the SU provide the candidates with any funding for campaigning?
The Students' Union will refund £75 allocated for Full-time Officer campaigning materials and £30 for Part-time Officer campaigning materials. You must provide receipts to show what you have spent by the end of the voting period to be able to claim back.
Can I stand to be a Full-time Officer if I am an International student?
International students can be Full-time Officers, but there are immigration implications that you should be aware of.

If you receive financial sponsorship, discuss your plans with your sponsor before standing for election in case there are restrictions.

If you stand as a Full-time Officer, this is permitted under the immigration rules, but you will need to extend your student visa at some point. It is important that you discuss this with an advisor from the International Office before you start the role!

This guidance is for student or Tier 4 visa holders. If you are here on a different type of visa, you should discuss your options with an advisor from the International @ Campus Life.

(This information is for general guidance and does not constitute immigration advice. If you require more details about your rights or what action to take, please contact Campus Life via
How does voting work?
At the Students' Union, we use alternative or transferable voting. Watch this video from Wolverhampton Students' Union explaining Transferable Voting!
What is RON and NFP?
RON Stands for Re-Open Nominations and all elections in the SU have this option for voters. If you do not like any of the candidates in the election you can choose to vote RON. If RON wins an election, the role would not be filled or a by-election would be held at another time. Selecting No Further Preferences (N.F.P) is an expression of indifference towards all remaining options.
What if I have more questions?
Please email them to the Election Team -