Here at Swansea University we care about your employability. Whether you are an international student, home student or one of our recent graduates we have numerous resources and tools available to help you. In addition to all the employability tools and resources the university has, the Swansea Employability Academy also runs a wide variety of events that include Careers Fairs and Part-time Jobs Fairs. For more information, please visit: Events - Swansea University

International Students

We appreciate that finding employment as an international student can be a daunting and difficult experience. In order to do as much as we can to support you, we have partnered with SEA (Swansea Employability Academy) to highlight all the resources and tools on offer at the university.

Home Students

Swansea is a vibrant bustling city full of unique employment opportunities. We feel that it’s important to both acknowledge this and that many students need additional work to get the most out of their time in Swansea or alleviate the effects of the cost-of-living crisis. In order to support you as much as we can, we have partnered with the Swansea Employment Academy to highlight all the resources and tools on offer by the university.

List of Resources and Tools

The Swansea Employability Academy has vast array of resources and tools to assist you with any employability queries such as;

The university’s employment zone connects employers with students and recent graduates for graduate level internships, placements, part-time jobs and graduate level employment. For more information, please visit: Employment Zone - Swansea University
Internships and placements can be a crucial and unique opportunity to try a job or career in a particular field, gain relevant experience and build a strong professional network. For more information, please visit: Work placements - Swansea University
The Swansea Employability Academy’s Careers Advice service offers confidential and impartial guidance to help you make educational choices, career plans and produce appropriate professional documents. For more information, please visit: Speak to a Careers Adviser - Swansea University
Pursuing a post-graduate degree is something a lot of you may be considering. Pursuing a post-graduate degree can be a highly beneficial experience. For more information, please visit: Postgraduate Study - Swansea University
The Career Development courses cover a wide variety of topics that can help you with career planning, producing a great C.V, career action plans and many more. For more information, please visit: Career Development Course - Swansea University

A Guide for International Students

We understand that one of the more significant hurdles you may face is knowing how your study visa may interact with potential work opportunities. The Student Union guide for international students provides comprehensive coverage of working in the U.K See Resource.