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We’re a team of students working together for Swansea University Students' Union! We are always looking for new talent and people who want to work in this close-knit community. Join us now and be part of this great team with like-minded students!



Testimonial - Amy

Amy Hill, Comms Coordinator

I started my journey at the SU as a student staff employee, working at Rebound and JC’s. Throughout my time, I was able to use my skills from my degree to enhance my role and venture into new opportunities, including social media and marketing work. Thanks to the help and guidance of the SU, I have now managed to secure a full-time role within their Communications department. I couldn’t be more grateful for my time and memories at the SU.

Testimonial - Sam

Sam Durnan, Rebound Supervisor

Working at the Swansea Students Union has been one of the highlights of my time at university. Meeting new people and working within many great teams over the years has been incredibly rewarding.

Testimonial - Harriet

Harriet Barker, JCs Supervisor

My time working for JCs has been such a great experience and has given me the opportunities to grow professionally for example, putting me through my personal license training! I have made so many friends and have enjoyed every minute of my time working for the SU!

Testimonial - Callum
Callum from JCs

Callum Hocking, JCs Supervisor

I really liked working for the SU as it was a job which was very considerate of my studies. It also allowed me to meet lots of other students, some I can call friends for life.



As much as you may have one role within the Student Union, you can be part of a wider team in different venues. Part of working for us at the SU means that you won’t be stuck in one job all the time but can be fluid to find a role that perfects for you. Be it in one of coffee stores, or one of event teams – there is a role for everyone within the same community! As well as this, working for us means that at big yearly events, you can work but also enjoy the experience team, surrounded, and supported by likeminded student staff members.

Welsh Translator

In this role you can use your knowledge to translate content that the Union publishes online and in print (must be a Welsh speaker), to help make sure we deliver a dual language experience for all students!

Welsh Receptionist

As a Welsh university, we’ve got to have a representative for our local welsh students! In this role you will be able to speak Welsh to other fellow students but also educate those who study at our university about the Welsh language and everything the Welsh culture expresses!


In this role as host you will be focused on our ‘front of house’ aspect within venues and the Union. This will include greeting students on arrival, helping within the box office, and taking part in our open days for the university.

Night Owl

Reckon you can hack a lively, fast pace, Friday night, well look no further, working in our resident nightclub will throw you all over the place. A typical shift will be over in a flash, and you will meet some many students alike from all parts of the university.


Have you got coffee skills or previous café experience? We need coffee lovers to join our Barista team who can or are willing to learn coffee art skills for all students who need those much-deserved revision breaks!

Team Leader

We need people with good experience running a bar and able to manage team members in a supporting way! On your shift you will be running the bar, taking stock, and managing others. It crucial in this role that you can support others but also ensure every team member is having fun!

Fulton Outfitters Staff

Do you love fashion and retail…? Working in our university merchandise store, you will be able to run the shop, advertise, and see all the new cool garments our university regularly bring out!

Bakery Staff

Previous experience desirable but not essential. Food hygiene level 2 would be an advantage. Duties include bagging up items for sale, temperature checks on products then packing them, washing dishes, cleaning duties, writing temp logs etc. Would include early mornings and weekends.

Retail Staff

No previous experience necessary as full training given. General shop duties stocking shelves, stock rotation, serving customers on the tills etc. Must be able to work evening and weekends as well as during the week around lectures.

Artists and Performers

Have a love for singing, dancing, or performing? We require a music artists and performers for live performances at many different events! It is essential that you are comfortable being in-front of the camera and performing in front of large audiences. Auditions can be arranged via a Zoom call as part of the application process as well as in person auditions (social distancing protocols will be in place).

Party Planners

To help aid our events team, as a party planner you will coordinate packaged nights for students in our venues. Whether it be a birthday deal, or organised social event for a sports club or society, you will have creative lead on all things party!


We're looking for passionate and talented DJ’s to perform at social events throughout the academic year! Test samples are required, but anyone is welcome, no matter what you style! We want versatile and skilled students who are passionate about the quality of their work. You will play at different styled events, parties, graduations, corporate events and more! Portfolio desired, but not essential

Brand Ambassador

Do you love marketing and influencing? In this role we want people who have a good eye for social media and a love to plan social events. With lots happening throughout the year, we need to a team that can make every event include what students want and provide the best experience!

Student Influencers

Throughout the year we will need confident, energetic, influencers who will help promote our weekly events and socials around campus. You will use your own social platforms to encourage people to attend events whilst reaping rewards for yourself in doing so!

Student Promoter

In this role we need a group of people who can show off what the Student Union has to offer throughout the year. Working on projects and showcasing events that will be happening daily, you will be working in a fast pace, fun environment that will explore your creative abilities!

Content Designer

In this role we need lots of creative team members who can put out daily content for us across all our social platforms. If you’re not explicitly posting the content, you could be behind the scenes planning posts ready for the future!</div>

Web Designers

Do you have an interest in front-end web development? We're looking for a team to help create a more student friendly website with oppurtunities to learn about web management and coding as part of a team.


In this role we need a group of technical minded individuals who will support our technical needs in our bars and events. With oppurtunities to learn with industry leading companies and the flexibility to learn some new skills, our technicians are a vital role!


We are looking for student cinematographers to help capture all the fun moments throughout very busy social calendar in the Student Union. You will film videos on set or on location, produce video content for social networks, plan the shoot with the creative team and edit footage postproduction!


Have a great eye for content? Our team are looking for student residential photographers to join an exciting, fast-paced team. You must have a passion and knowledge for photography as well as being flexible to attend our social events to capture unique moments! In this role you will organise, plan, and undertake photoshoots at events, have knowledge and experience in editing photos to a high standard and create original ideas for content.


Do you want to see what goes into making events happen? In this role we want people who want to learn how events are planned and run. With lots happening throughout the year, from Freshers to Summer Ball, we need to a team that can help to deliver the best experience for students.

Data Analyst

In this role, you will be supporting the analytics within the Union to enable us to make more informed decisions in representing the students of Swansea! Experience in data processing desired by not required

Graphic Designers

In this role you must have enthusiasm and a passion for developing and delivering solutions in our graphics department. Typically, you will support the internal design and marketing teams, providing graphic support for events and campaigns throughout the year and create graphic content for the Student Union’s website and social platforms.

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Feel free to email us, we are happy to discuss other roles that you think may benefit our team with your talent!


Working hours

There’s so much flexibility working for us, no need to worry about missing lectures or social events as we don’t have a fixed rota to work across all venues! We’re pretty relaxed when it comes to taking time off so no need to worry!

Access to events

First dibs on university events in all our venues means you’ll never have a dull moment!

Holiday pay

Everyone loves a holiday, so because we use a 0hr contract, your holiday pay is included in your monthly salary as a percentage extra of what you’ve already worked!

Close working

Don’t worry about having to commute far away, all of our roles are on both of our campus’, so they are really easy to get to!


We offer lots of training for all our roles, you’re always supported whatever you’ll be doing to be the best you can be! We have quarterly training regimes to ensure everyone is up to date with procedures, as well as training days that are more informal to top up your barista and cocktail making skills!

Close-knit team

When working in any of our teams you will always feel included. Inclusivity is essential, when working under pressure you can always rely on others to help you through your day!


In our SU, there’s tons of room for progression into more roles or across the charity! You can move from department to department or even become more senior in your role!


Working for us means that you get benefits to reward you for your hard work throughout the year! This will include 10% off at all venues, first dibs to Student Union events throughout the year, queue jumps to our student nightclub every week and free merchandise to rep the job!

Qualification opportunities

Throughout your time with us there are opportunities to progress to more senior roles alongside gaining a personal alcohol license. If you have the drive and ambition to achieve this, we will help you every step of the way!


No matter what is going on in our ever-busy lives, there is always support and someone to talk to. Be it your line manager, or someone you trust, no matter how small or big the problem may be, we always offer support and resolutions to a query… uni life is stressful!