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The Students' Union Nursery provides high quality and affordable childcare for children aged from 3 months up to their 8th Birthday. We aim assist parents who are in education but we’re open to all.

Our professional and dedicated staff provide a warm, friendly and stimulating environment for children.

Our curriculum co-ordinator comes up with new and engaging topics for children. Click here to view our topics that help your child learn.


Video Tour

Click on the video below for a virtual tour of the nursery.





The Nursery operates from Monday - Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm.


Placement & Resources

If you’re interested in placing your child in our nursery, please download the waiting list here and send it to


Contact us

01792 513 151


The Baby Room

The Baby Room caters for children 3 months - 2 years old. There's an area where the babies have their meals which doubles up as a creative play area.  Beyond this, there are two small rooms; a nappy changing area and a sleep room.



The Toddler Room

The Toddler Room (for children 2 - 8 years old) is an open plan area incorporating two large carpeted areas, a home corner and the children’s eating area. Off the main area, there's a book corner. The book corner is also used for quiet time and sleeping. The nursery has a large art area where the creative fun and messy play take place.



Outdoor Area

We have a safe undercover outdoor area that's used daily by the babies and toddlers. We have slides, bikes, cars, bats and balls to play with. This area has ample room for physical play and enjoyment.




As the nursery is close to Singleton Park and the beach, we take the children on walks. We have a six-seater buggy, which the children love to ride in.