LGBT+ at Swansea University Students’ Union

LGBT+ is an umbrella term that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans*, but also includes those who are asexual, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex, or any other sexual or gender orientation. Above all else, the LGBT+ umbrella denotes a community, a space where those who share social and political interests (or concerns) due to their identity can come together and express themselves openly and without fear of judgement.

Attending University is stressful for everybody, but for members of the LGBT+ community it can be even more difficult, whether because of the fear of rejection from new friends, juggling the process of transitioning with your studies, or just feeling isolated and unable to truly express who you are and who you’re attracted to.

Luckily, here at Swansea University Students’ Union we offer an array of services to help you feel supported and welcome.


The LGBT+ Society offers the chance to meet similar people who also self-define in a safe and welcoming environment. The society is one of the most socially active within the Union, and officially meets once a week, plus socials at the weekends. It offers a varied and fun roster of events throughout the year (both drinking and non-drinking), including film nights, quizzes, karaoke, laser tag, and of course massive end of term parties. New members are always welcome, as are any friends they want to bring along for support (regardless of their identity).

For more information on the society search ‘LGBT+ Swansea’ on Facebook or email the President of the Society at


Starting University is a difficult time for most people, but contending with identifying as LGBT+ can compound that difficulty. Exploring your sexuality and gender, discovering who you are, figuring out how your identity affects your family and social life, it can have a huge impact on your welfare and mental health. We believe you should never have to struggle on your own, and to help you out we have two dedicated LGBT+ Officers on the Executive Committee of the Union, who are there to support you in whatever way you need. Issues such as bullying or being denied services because of your sexuality are sadly still a reality- but the Union will always have your back.

The LGBT+ Society is also a welfare association, and the committee members are also always there to deal with any wellbeing issues that you may have. We want every member of the LGBT+ community at Swansea University to feel safe and able to express themselves.


The struggle for acceptance in society is a fact of daily life for members of the LGBT+ community. They are systematically discriminated against, both institutionally and by strangers; physically assaulted; verbally attacked; and frequently denied their rights. This is why it is so important to continue to lobby both the government and other bodies to make a change, and embrace full equality. Swansea University Students’ Union has a proud tradition of campaigning, political and otherwise, and this is no different for its LGBT+ students. Part of the jobs of the LGBT+ Officers is to organise and facilitate activism through the Union: if you want to get more involved in campaigning, pitch in physically at an event (we always need help setting up tables!), or have an idea for a future campaign, then please get in contact.

Swansea University has an anti-homophobic bullying policy, and all staff undertake mandatory equality training which covers LGBT+ issues and homophobia.  

The university regularly consults with its LGBT+ students on matters including policies, training needs, welfare provision, and community engagement.  The university ensures that LGBT+ students are represented on its Equal Opportunities Committee and Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team Committee, and regular LGBT+ student focus groups and surveys help us ensure that as a university we are meeting your needs and representing your views. 

You can find out more about the university’s policies and equality provisions here.

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