A World of Opportunities

If you think your student experience at Swansea University is solely about going to lectures and studying, think again! There is so much more to life at Swansea, and our Societies, Sports Clubs, Student Media and the Union Collective are just the beginning...

Join a Society!

We have a huge and eclectic range, from Afro-Caribbean and British Sign Language to Wargaming and Yoga, there's bound to be something for you. We have Societies for your academic course, that represent your faith and culture, and that will allow you to pursue your hobbies and interests. We even have some unusual but wonderful Societies, like Quidditch! You never know what you might find at Swansea... Get together to try something new, make some friends for life, and most importantly have loads of fun while you're at it!

Become part of a Sports Club!

With 50 sports to choose from, you can either continue a sport you already love, or take up something completely different. Have you played rugby? Tennis? Football? Badminton? Carry on your passion at Swansea! Have you ever tried surfing? Fencing? Archery? Aikido? Then why not start now? You'll become part of a fantastic team and will make lots of new friends. By joining Sports Swansea you also get a load of extra benefits, which you can see here.

Get involved with Student Media!

Whether you want to write for The Waterfront, broadcast on Xtreme Radio, record for SU-TV, or even work behind the scenes on all the tech, there's something for every budding journalist, station manager and editor here at Swansea. Get involved today and meet a bunch of like-minded and lovely people, become part of a fantastic team and contribute to the media that is distribute over both campuses.

Submit an idea to the Union Collective!

Set up by the SU, the Union Collective is our platform for bright ideas. We want to hear from young entrepreneurs, designers and innovators so that we can collaborate with you to help turn your small suggestions into a business! With our help, you can develop your ideas, sell your products and showcase your talent through SU social media, mailing lists and outlets such as JC's and Fulton Outfitters.