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Swansea University Athletics and Cross-Country Club

A fun and friendly club based at the Swansea University Sports Village

Welcome to Swansea University Athletics & Cross Country Club.

We cater to all abilities from beginners to international athletes, so everyone is welcome!

Whether you want to run to keep fit, improve your personal best or want to come along on our Wednesday socials and make some new friends, Swansea University Athletics & Cross Country is the club for you.

Social Media

We regularly use Social Media so come gives us a follow for regular updates and information. We also have a BRAND NEW website full of more training, club & competition info. 


Facebook: Join our group - Swansea Uni Athletics & Cross Country / 2020/2021 page:

Twitter: swansathletics

Instagram: swansathletics


Thanks to our partnerships with the local athletics club, Swansea Harriers, we are able to offer you even more coaches covering all athletics and cross country disiplines. Our main training nights are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a full list of coahes and training sessions, head to our website.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30-7:30pm meeting at the finish line of the athletics track at 6:15pm.This session is run by Judith Gooding who specialises in 100m/200m sprints.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30-7:30pm meeting at the pavillion overlooking the athletics track at 6:15pm. This session is led by us. 


Due to the space on the outdoor track being limited to 30 athletes, we have made the decision to move our training to during the day. 

The times where Athletics and XC will have access to the track are as follows:

Tuesday: 1-3pm, Both the ITC and outdoor track have been booked

Wednesday: 1-3pm, ITC only 

Thursday: 1-3pm, Both the ITC and outdoor track have been booked 

Sunday: 10am - 1pm, ITC only  

Other Disciplines
We have a variety of coaches covering every discipline, take a look at our website for a full list of coaches and training available. 

Make sure you join our Facebook page (Swansea Uni Athletics & Cross Country). No matter what day of the week it is someone will be training so keep an eye out for their posts on our page so you can choose the session for you.

We offer a range of sessions aimed at: Track and Field, Endurance and those looking to run more socially. 

Weights & Conditioning

Starting in October 2019, we have teamed up with Strength & Conditioning Swansea to provide our athletes with the best possible coaching for both strength, power and conditioning. With previous experience coaching three GB marathon runners, they have proven to provide high quality training and at the low cost of £15 for a block of 4 sessions, it's a bargin! This also comes with injury prevention, advice on nutrition and your technique. 

Circuits and Physical Preparation

These sessions are designed to support our middle and long distance athletes (but all are welcome), who do not need as an intense strength and conditioning workout as our power athletes. These will be a mix of weights, circuits and plyometric training to ensure our athletes have a strong core and speed base to help them over those final hundred metres. ?

These sessions will also include physical preparation exercises from Welsh Athletics which focus on how athletes can improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance. These exercises will also reduce the chance of injury. You can find a full guide to the exercises here

Days and Times: TBC

Club Kit

Our kit supplier is the high quality athletics brand Joma Sport and we work with Total Teamwear to provide customisations that make your kit one of a kind. We do bulk orders in both October and January, so it is a prime opportunity to have the best-looking kit on campus.

Our vest is a classic and high quality Joma design with green into white fade. We traditionally do a kit order at the beginning of the year in October in preparation for BUCS XC and BUCS indoor and then another one in January in preparation for Varsity and BUCS Outdoors. 


As a club, we compete in various different races throughout the year including Track & Field events, Cross Country, as well as multi-terrain and various road races.

On the track we compete at BUCS championships (both indoors and outdoors) every year, taking a large team away for what always promises to be a competitive and fun weekend. We also enter the South West Varsity (Summer and Winter) held at Exeter every November and March, as well as competing against Cardiff in the Welsh Varsity, which Athletics and XC won on 2018 and 2019!

As well as these competitions, we also frequenlty have athletes travelling to local (and some not so local) open competitions and these are a great way to chase some PBs and meet new people.

Our Cross Country team compete at the annual BUCS Cross-Country Championship as well as in the local West Glamorgan & Gwent leagues, with races around every 2-3 weeks, usually on a Sunday. The entry fee is no more than £4, we try to make transport to these races as cheap as possible and then usually round off the day with a meal to enhance team bonding. The Cross Country season lasts from September to March and the Cross Country Captain will keep you updated about the fixtures. 

As a club we try to encourage the integration of both Athletics and Cross-Country. Opens are a great chance for the Cross-Country team to try their hand at different Track and Field events, many Track athletes try their hand at some longer distances and compete at the weekly local 5k parkrun which is free to enter and is a great way for beginners to get a feel for racing in a non-competetive environment.

As a club we say come along try your best, try something new and have fun!

We welcome and encourage members of all abilities to come and race for us!


Socials are held weekly for the first month of each semester and then fortnightly until the semester ends. The socials are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. There is usually a theme for socials chosen by the social secs so get rummaging in your fancy dress boxes! This Year our sponsor bar will Bambu!

We will also be hosting many sober socials!!

Socials will not be taking place until the second semester in the 2020/2021 academic year because of the risk posed to the operating of the club. 


Club Captain: Jacob Wilkinson

Secretaries: Katie Robbins and Stephanie Karekla

Cross-Country Captain: Daniel Brookling

Track and Field Captain: Holly Barwick

Social Sec: Astrid Ware

Media Officer: Sophia Harrison


Clwb hwyl a gyfeillgar ym Mhentref Chwaraeon Prifysgol Abertawe.

Croeso i Glwb Athletau a Thraws Gwlad Prifysgol Abertawe.

Mae'r clwb ar gael i bobl o bob gallu o ddechreuwyr i athletwyr rhyngwladol, felly mae croeso i bawb!

Os hoffet ti redeg i gadw'n heini, gwella dy amser gorau neu ddod i'n sosials nos Fercher i gwrdd â phobl newydd, Athletau a Thraws Gwlad Prifysgol Abertawe yw'r clwb i ti.

Cyfrangau Cymdeithasol

Rydyn ni'n defnyddio Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol yn aml felly dilyna ni am ddiweddariadau a gwybodaeth reolaidd. Mae gennym ni wefan NEWYDD SBON gyda rhagor o wybodaeth am y clwb, hyfforddi a chystadlaethau, hefyd. 

Facebook: Ymuna â'n grwp: Swansea Uni Athletics & Cross CountrySwansea Uni Athletics & Cross Country Club 19-20

Trydar: swansathletics

Instagram: swansathletics


Diolch i'n partneriaid gyda'r clwb athletau lleol, Swansea Harriers, mae modd i ni gynnig rhagor o hyfforddwyr o ran disgyblaethau athletau a thraws gwlad. Ein prif nosweithiau hyfforddi yw Dydd Llun, Dydd Mawrth a Dydd Iau. Mae rhestr lawn o'n hyfforddwyr a sesiynau hyfforddi ar ein gwefan.

Dydd Llun a Dydd Iau: 6:30-7:30pm cwrdd wrth linell gordden y trac athletau am 6:15pm. Mae'r sesiwn yn cael ei chynnal gan Judith Gooding sy'n arbenigo mewn sbrintiau 100m/200m.

Dydd Mercher a Dydd Iau: 6:30-7:30pm cwrdd wrth y pafiliwn yn edrych dros y trac athletau am 6:15pm. Ni sy'n cynnal y sesiwn hon. 

Disgyblaethau Eraill
Mae amryw o hyfforddwyr sy'n arbenigo mewn amryw o ddisgyblaethau. Mae rhestr lawn o hyfforddwyr a hyfforddi ar gael ar ein gwefan.

Ymuna â'n tudalen Facebook (Swansea Uni Athletics & Cross Country). Beth bynnag yw'r diwrnod, bydd rhywun yn hyfforddi felly cadwa lygaid am ddiweddariadau ar ein tudalen er mwyn dewis y sesiwn i ti.

Rydyn ni'n cynnig amryw o sesiynau sy'n anelu at: y Trac a'r Cau, Gwytnwch a'r rhai sydd am redeg yn gymdeithasol. 

Pwysau a Chyflyru

Yn dechrau ym mis Hydref 2019, byddwn ni'n cynnal cwrs hyfforddi 4-wythnos i ddechreuwyr ac athletwyr profiadol gyda'r bwriad o'n hathletwyr dderbyn gwybodaeth syml o sut i godi'n gywir a theimlo'n fwy hyderus yn y gampfa ar ben eu hunain. Mae'r sesiynau hyn yn berffaith ar gyfer ein hathletwyr pwêr (sbrintio, neidio a thaflu) ond maen nhw ar gael i BAWB!!

Cylchdeithio a Pharatoi Corfforol

Mae'r sesiynau hyn yn anelu at gefnogi ein hathletwyr pellter canolig a hir (ond mae croeso i bawb), gan nad oes angen sesiynau ymarfer pwysau mor ddwys â'n hathletwyr pwêr. Bydd y rhain yn cynnwys cymysgedd o bwysau, cylchdeithio a hyfforddi plyometrig er mwyn sicrhau bod gan ein hathletwyr graidd cryf a sylfaen gyflym i'w helpu dros y 500 medr olaf.

Bydd y sesiynau hyn hefyd yn cynnwys ymarferion paratoi'r corff gan Athletau Cymru sy'n canolbwyntio ar sut all athletwyr wella symudedd a'u perfformiadau athletig. Bydd yr ymarferion hyn hefyd yn lleihau'r perygl o anafu. Mae rhestr lawn o'r ymarferion ar gael yma.

Dyddiau ac Amseroedd: Dydd Mercher am 3yp


Fel clwb, rydyn ni'n cystadlu mewn amryw o rasys drwy gydol y flwyddyn gan gynnwys digwyddiadau'r Trac a'r Cau, Traws Gwlad, yn ogystal â rasys yr heol ac aml-dir.

Ar y trac, rydyn ni'n cystadlu ym mhencampwriaethau BUCS (dan do a thu allan) bob blwyddyn, gan gymryd tîm mawr i ffwrdd am benwythnos cystadleuol a hwylus. Rydyn ni hefyd yn cystadlu yn Varsity'r De-orllewin (yn yr Haf a'r Gaeaf) sy'n cael eu cynnal yn Exeter bob mis Tachwedd a mis Mawrth, yn ogystal â chystadlu yn erbyn Caerdydd yn Varsity Cymru, a enillodd y Clwb Athletau a Thraws Gwlad yn 2018 a 2019!


Yn ogystal â'r cystadlaethau hyn, mae rhai o'n hathletwyr yn teithio i gystadlaethau agored lleol (a rhai sy'n bellach i ffwrdd) ac mae'r rhain yn gyfle gwych i guro amseroedd a chwrdd â phobl newydd.

Mae ein tîm Traws Gwlad yn cystadlu ym Mhencampwriaeth Draws Gwlad BUCS, yn ogystal â chynghreiriau Gorllewin Morgannwg a Gwent, gyda rasys pob 2-3 wythnos, fel arfer ar Ddydd Sul. Mae mynediad yn costio £4 neu lai, ac rydyn ni'n ceisio sicrhau bod trafnidiaeth i'r rasys mor rhad â phosib cyn mynd am bryd o fwyd i gymdeithasu gyda'r tîm. Mae'r tymor Traws Gwlad yn para o fis Medi i fis Mawrth a bydd y Capten Traws Gwlad yn darparu diweddariadau am rasys.

Fel clwb, rydyn ni'n ceisio annog integreiddiad Athletau a Thraws Gwlad. Mae sesiynau agored yn gyfle gwych i'r tîm Traws Gwlad roi gynnig ar ddigwyddiadau'r Trac a Chau, ac mae nifer o athletwyr y Trac yn ceisio pellterau hirach ac yn cystadlu yn y Parkrun 5k wythnosol lleol sy'n rhad ac am ddim ac yn ffordd dda i ddechreuwyr roi cynnig ar redeg mewn amgylchedd nad sy'n gystadleuol.

Fel clwb, rydyn ni'n annog pawb i ddod a rhoi cynnig ar rywbeth newydd a mwynhau!

Croeso i aelodau o bob gallu i redeg gyda ni!


Cyfarfodydd Cymdeithasol

Mae sosials yn cael eu cynnal bob wythnos am fis cyntaf bob tymor, wedyn pob pythefnos tan ddiwedd y tymor. Mae'r sosials yn ffordd wych o gwrdd â phobl newydd a gwneud ffrindiau. Fel arfer, mae thema i'r sosials sy'n cael ei dewis fan yr ysgrifenyddion cymdeithasol felly bydd cyfle i wisgo lan! Eleni, ein noddwr yw Bambu!

Byddwn ni hefyd yn cynnal nifer o sosials di-alcohol!


Capten y Clwb – Jacob Wilkinson

Ysgrifennydd - Katie Robbins and Stephanie Karekla

Capten traws-gwald - Daniel Brookling

Capten trac a maes - Holly Barwick 

Ysgrifennyd Cymdeithasol - Astrid Ware

Swyddog y Cyfryngau: Sophia Harrison