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The most diverse sport club in Swansea


If you are interested in playing Volleyball, you are now in the right place.

Here is a summary of all the information you may need. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Club Description

Having won Sport Swansea's Most Improved Club of the Year in 2013, it is our goal to keep on excelling, always ensuring we provide our players with the greatest experiences. Since Volleyball is quite an international sport, we have a wonderfully diverse club, counting on over 20 nationalities. Our people are lovely, friendly and engaged and they will surely make you feel welcomed and included from day one. 

Regardless of your level of experience, we are confident SUVC is the place for you —all we simply expect is that you share our enthusiasm and interest in this wonderful sport!—. There are two joining routes available for you (scroll down for more information):

  • If you have never played before, you are welcome to our open sessions. They are dedicated to beginners so that you will get to play casually, meet people and receive some coaching. We also have friendly matches against other different universities' beginner's team throughout the year for you. If you would like to improve your skills, this is a great opportunity! 
  • If you are an experienced athlete (normally 1-2 years of experience minimum), we have team training sessions for our 4 BUCS teams, including Men's 1st and 2nd team and Women's 1st and 2nd team. The first teams train twice a week and then compete on exciting BUCS matches every Wednesday all throughout the year, including the well-known Welsh Varsity against Cardiff in April-May. The second teams train once a week and then compete on exciting BUCS matches every Wednesday all throughout the year. 

Our teams: Training Times

  • Men's 1st team: after finishing 2nd on the Western 1A division, the boys are ready to fight for the 1st place and aiming to go on to the play-off's.

            Their training times are:

 - Tuesday - 20:00-22:00 (Bay Campus) 

 - Thursday - 20:00-22:00 (Singleton)


  • Men's 2nd team:  The 2nd team will be playing on the BUCS Western 2B division. Their training times are:

- Monday - 17:00 - 19:00 (Singleton)

- Friday - 20:30-22:00 (Singleton)


  • Women's 1st team: The girls are ready to fight in Western 2B and aiming to get promoted to the 1A league. Their training times are:

- Tuesday - 18:00 - 20:00 (Bay Campus)

- Friday - 16:30 - 18:30 (Singleton)


  • Women's 2nd team:  The 2nd team will be playing on the BUCS Western 2B division. Their training times are:

- Tuesday - 16:00 -18:00 (Bay Campus)

- Friday - 20:30 - 22:00

  •  Beginner's team: 

- Saturday - 10:00 - 12:00

Note: no membership is required for the try-outs but you will have to purchase it if you decide to join us.)



Excited to join the volleyball club? We are excited to recieve you too!!

As you can already imagine this year it's going to be slightly different but we are doing our best to make sure every person fits into their perfect team. To make sure we do this correctly please check the following requirements for each team.

More trials to come in either December or January!!


All trials will be held in Sketty Lane Sports Centre, please do your best to be punctual.


1st Team Requirements:  


To get into the first team we are looking for people with the 5:1 and 4:2 rotation knowledge as well as a couple of years of training experience and know what positions you have played in the past. If you think you are adequate to join the team, check the training session above and we are looking forward to seeing you.



2nd Team Requirements:


In order to get into the second team you would need to have some experience playing volleyball (club, school, etc.) and be passsionate about it, trying to learn more and more each time.




No previous experience needed, just students interested in joining our club or willing to improve their skills :)

COVID-19 Return to Play

  • In the list below you are going to find everything you need before trainigs start and of course some rules to make sure everyone stays safe. Please read the following:


1. Get Sport Swansea membership

2. Get the Volleyball club membership

3. All players need to sign a health declaration form, every time they

attend training

4. You will have to bring your own kid, water bottles etc. Sharing is


5. Hand sanitiser will be provided and needs to be used before entering

the sports hall or touching any equipment

6. Do not attend training if you show any Covid 19 related symptoms!

This include:

6.1 - High temperature (over 38.5 degrees)

- A persistent dry cough

- Any loss of taste or smell

6.2 – any member of your household has covid 19 related


6.3 – if you have travelled out of the UK in the 14 before training

If you develop any symptoms after a session, you must notify the club

immediately. Your first contact for this would be your captain or coach.


Track and trace

NO registration, NO play !!

We need to do a track and trace for each player at each training and

match and report any known cases to Sport Swansea and university.

Please take it seriously as just one case can put our whole season on

hold. So please think:

If you come to training/match with covid 19 symptons

? Your team can’t play for 14 days

? Your team can’t train for 14 days

? Your coach can’t coach for 14 days

? The whole team and coach can’t go to university/work for 14 days

? Their families need to self-isolate too

? And everybody else you came in contact with, i.e. other teams etc.

There could be up to 20 people and their families self isolating if you take

the risk. So please think and if in doubt, STAY HOME !


At each session you will be asked to confirm that you and your household

are fit and symptom free!

Social distancing:

Volleyball is a non-contact sports and we should be able to keep distance

most of the times.

No hugging or high fives

Sanitise your hand regular

Avoid touching your face


Vending machines are unavailable

Toilets are available

Please sanitise your hands on arrival

Please keep social distance by arrival and leaving court/sports hall



Like any other Sports Club at Swansea University, SUVC has a strong Social element, ranging from nights out on Wind Street to non-alcoholic meet-ups (friendly club tournaments, bowling, laser zone, meals...). Our social events are open to everyone (members and non-members) alike and will be broadly advertised throughout the year on all different kinds of social media.   —so connect and stay in touch!


Our committee:

President: Daniela Manriquez Milicevic

Secretary: Amara Chanelle Vincent

Fixture Manager: Murat Apat 

PR and Social Media Officer: Jason Nguyen

Treasurer: Jason Nguyen


Coaches: Astrid (Men's and Women's team), Martin (Beginners team)



1st Teams: £150 (Year)

2nd Teams: £150 (Year)

Beginners Team: £40 (First term) or £80 (Year)

*compulsory for all teams (men's and women's)


Note: you need to have a Sports Swansea BUCS membership in order to join any team.


Contact us



Facebook page

Instagram: swanseaunivolleyball


At the freshers fayre (virtual on the 30th of September):

Looking forward to meeting you all!