Help for Homeless
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Help for Homeless

£3 membership fee, treated as a donation to homelessness. No pressure, join us and help if/when you have the chance! It's good fun, a great way to meet new people, and worth a mention on your CV

About Us

Volunteering time, food, clothing (or all three!) is appreciated. Not only will you get to meet new people and have the satisfaction of helping others, but it's also a noteworthy addition to any CV.

Aiming to alleviate some of the stresses associated with homelessness in the Swansea area we will try to:

  • Provide nutrition in the form of food with a long shelf life
  • Provide sanitary items (hand gel, toothbrushes, tissues etc)
  • Provide seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Create a dialogue with homeless people so that we're a friendly face and can better understand and provide for their needs - rather than simply give items without getting to know the individuals receiving them.

We're the only society helping homeless people affiliated with the university and have no religious / political motivation - we're just here to help.


There are other brilliant organisations which help alleviate homelessness in the Swansea area, but it's a growing problem that needs increased funding and attention. As this society develops, we aim to create a relationship with these other organisations which will increase our efficiency, and our efficacy, for helping those in need.