Societies Manual

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Room Booking

Booking a room

To book a room on campus, you need to fill in this form. You must also fill in a risk assessment. Once you have done both of these, your request will be processed and you will receive a room booking confirmation from the Societies’ Team.

If you have any questions about the room booking process, email

Which rooms can I book?

To see which rooms you can book, their capacities and their opening times, check out this spreadsheet.

Where do I sign in and out of rooms?

  • If you have booked a Union room (e.g. Mosaig), you need to sign in and out with the Porter.
  • If you have booked JC’s or Diva’s, you need to sign in and out with the staff behind the bar at JC’s.
  • If you have booked any other room on Singleton Campus, you need to sign in and out with Fulton House Security Office.
  • If you have booked a room on Bay Campus, you need to sign in and out at the SU Reception.

How do I fill in a risk assessment?

The risk assessment form can be found as part of the room booking form, here. Follow the instructions on the form and if you have any questions, email

How do I hold a bake sale?

Bake sales take place at the front of Fulton House and in different areas at Bay Campus, but can be booked in the same way any other room is booked. The items you sell must be homemade, but you should avoid using ingredients that require refrigeration, such as fresh cream. You should also not use raw eggs in your baking unless they will be thoroughly cooked. No hot food or drinks are allowed to be sold.


How do I order in tech equipment?

Specify what you require in the room booking form. it will now be one of the additional tabs at the bottom of the form. Make sure you include absolutely everything you think you need, and send it at least two weeks in advance of your event. The best thing to do would probably be to go and speak to someone from Ents if you are unsure as to what you should request on the form.

How do I apply for storage?

The storage application form can be found here. This application will be submitted to the Societies’ Executive Committee, who meet fortnightly. Keep an eye out in the Committee Facebook Group for updates on when meetings are being held.

How do I get items printed?

The printing request form can be found here. Email a copy of whatever it is you want printed to Your Society will be charged for the cost of printing directly. Make sure that if it should have Welsh on it, that it has been translated correctly!

How do I order merchandise?

The merchandise ordering form can be found here. Email a copy of any designs you want included on the merchandise to Make sure anything official you are having printed (i.e. Committee positions or Society logos) is written in Welsh as well.

Once you have emailed across a request, you will need to regularly check your Society email account for a quote and proofs so you can approve them and the merchandise can be ordered in good time.

How do I get something translated?

Include all the text you want translated in an email to Do not send them a picture of a poster, for example.

How do I get an article in The Waterfront?

There is a Society Editor for The Waterfront. Their email address is Alternatively, you can email the Editor directly at

How do I start a new Society?

Information on how to start a new Society can be found here.

To find out more about what it is like to be on a committee and who is part of the Societies’ Department, check out the Society Handbook.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)

What is an AGM?

An AGM is when your Society committee and its members gather together and discuss what the society has achieved over the past year (including a President and Treasurer’s report), any changes that are to be made for the new year (such as changes to your Society’s constitution), and elect in a new committee.

This meeting should be minuted (i.e. notes taken) so that the newly elected committee can successfully apply for HEAR accreditation at the end of the following year.

AGMs should be held before the Easter break. This does not mean the new committee starts straight away. The current committee stay in their positions until the end of June.

If you are a NEW Society, then the purpose of your AGM is to elect in a new Committee to get your Society up and running! The meeting should still be minuted, but the reports are not necessary, and they can be held throughout the year, depending on when your new society gets approved.

How do I hold an AGM?

You’re going to want to start off by booking a room. Preferably, all AGMs should happen within the working week, and during a reasonable time of the day. In other words, try not to hold it at 11pm on a Sunday evening!

An AGM requires at least double the number of people to attend as there are positions available. In other words, if you have six committee positions up for election, you need 12 people voting at your AGM. 

If you are holding your election online, then the same rule applies to how many students are required to vote in order to make it a valid election.

You must always make sure that you give your members ten days' notice, and let the Societies Department know when you are having an AGM (or EGM) so that a member of the Societies’ Executive Committee can attend. They bring along the relevant forms and adjudicate. 

How you go about the actual election process is up to you, as long as you adhere to these simple rules:

  1. Make sure everyone voting is a paid standard member of your society (where applicable). Associate members are not allowed to vote, though they are welcome to attend the AGM (or EGM).
  2. Ensure everyone is aware they can vote to Re-Open Nominations (or RON) if they do not think any of the candidates for the position are suitable.
  3. Get the Societies’ Executive Committee member in attendance to count the votes, to ensure impartiality.

An AGM checklist can be found here, which will hopefully make things easier for you.

It is suggested in the Societies' Constitution that in the case of a tie, the President should have the casting vote as the democratic lead for the Society.

A Note on Society Memberships

There are two kinds of memberships that members of a society can hold, standard or associate. Standard membership is for Swansea University students, associate membership is for non-students, or students from other universities.

Standard Membership gives a member voting rights, as well as allows them to run for a committee position.

Associate Membership gives a member the right to participate in meetings, but they cannot vote, and also cannot hold a position on committee. 

Required Committee positions and their roles

There are 3 required positions for any Society Committee - President, Treasurer and Secretary. A Society can choose to add more positions if they wish, though.

It is worth noting that the Committee is not hierarchical - all positions are treated equally.  

The President is the democratic lead for the Society. It is their responsibility to chair meetings, lead on decision-making and disiplinary action, and generally look after the society and its members. They also hold a Finance Card, alongside the Treasurer. At the end of the year, they must give a report at the AGM detailing the society's progress over their term in office.

The Treasurer is mostly responsible for the Society's money. This includes holding a Finance Card, managing any cash or payments, and keeping an eye on the overall balance of the Society. At the end of the year, they must give a report at the AGM detailing the society's ingoing and outgoing money, and the reasons behind it. 

The Secretary is generally in charge of the paperwork side of the Society, from booking rooms to writing minutes at meetings. They are also often in charge of keeping an eye on the inbox for the society and responding to emails they receive, or sending out regular updates to their members.   

Overall, however, it is up to the Committee as a whole to decide which roles take on which responsibilities, and quite often these are shared between all members anyway.

What is an EGM and when should I hold one?

An Extraordinary General Meeting is one in which an election takes place that does not involve the whole committee. For example, if after Freshers’ Fayre you would like to elect in a Freshers Rep, you can hold an EGM. Or if a committee member drops out and you need or want to replace them (depending on which position it is), you hold an EGM. It means all current committee positions stay the same, but an election is held for the new or existing position which is to be filled.

The quorum for an EGM is 6 people.

EGMs can be held at any point during the year (giving your members at least 5 days' notice), as long as you let the Societies Department know about it.


How do I access my Society account?

The Students’ Union provides each Society with their own private finance account which can only be accessed by the President and Treasurer of the Society. They must have a Finance Card signed by the Societies & Services Officer or the Societies & Activities Coordinator in order to access the account.

The Finance Reception is next to the SU Reception in Faraday and on Bay Campus in the Union Building. It will be open to Societies from 10:00-16:00.

If you just wish to have a look to see how much money you have in the account, simply email and they can send you a statement.

You can also deal with BACS payments via email. 

How can I find out how much money I have in my Society account?

If you email, they can provide you with a statement showing all the incoming and outgoing money from your Society account. Also feel free to email them with any questions you have about your account. 

How do I withdraw cash from the Society account?

The procedure for cash withdrawals is as follows:

  • A Petty Cash Form must be completed and accompanied by an invoice or receipts.
  • The form must be authorised by either the President or Treasurer of the Society and one of the following:
    If funds are available and the amount required is under £200 - Member of Finance staff
    If funds are available and the amount required is over £200 - Finance Administration or Finance & Commercial Manager or CEO or Trustee (e.g. the FTOs)
    - Funds are not available - 
    Finance & Commercial Manager or CEO or Trustee

How do I withdraw a float?

There may be instances where you need a cash float (a till) to give change to members, for example for a hoodie or ticket sale.

You must receive authorisation from the Societies & Services Officer before taking the float and the value of it shall be determined on an individual basis.

The exact amount taken must be returned to your society account as soon as possible.

How do I pay for something from the Society account?

A BACS payment can be made on behalf of a Society by the Finance Department to pay for invoices. Payments to a Society to reimburse them for expenses incurred should be claimed by cash wherever possible. A bank transfer may be made when these expenses are over £200 and the request is accompanied by receipts or an invoice.

The procedure for paying via BACS is as follows:

  • An authorisation form must be completed and accompanied by an invoice or receipts.
  • The form must be authorised by either the President or the Treasurer.
  • Payments must then authorised by at least two of the following: The Finance Administrator, The Finance and Commercial Manager, Union Manager or a Trustee (e.g. one of the FTOs).

Please note BACS payments can take up to two weeks to process.

This can be handled online, without the need to come into the Finance Office - just email

How do I put money into the Society account?

How do I pay a Society using online banking?

Please use the following details to make payment to a Society:

Bank: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc.
Account Name: Swansea University Students Union
Sort Code: 30-98-85
Account Number: 00891532

Please use the Society's name as a payment reference. This will help us in allocating the payment to the correct Society.

How do I deposit cash into the Society account?

All you need to do is bring the cash to the Finance Office and fill in a simple form! It’s that easy!

How do I apply for funding?

The funding application process is outlined in full here. If you have any questions regarding the process, email one of the Societies’ Executive Committee. Their emails can be found in the guide which is on the funding application process page, as well as in the useful contacts section below.

How do I fundraise for my society/charity?

If your Society wants to raise money for an event you have planned or a charity you want to support, take a look through this fundraising pack. It gives you some ideas on how to fundraise, as well as tips on how to make your fundraiser a success.

Event Planning

How do I organise an event?

If you’re having trouble getting ideas for an event, or trying to make your ideas a reality, come in and talk to someone about it. Start off by coming in to see the Societies & Activities Coordinator, who can help you get in contact with the Events and Innovations Manager or anyone else relevant to your event.

How do I book a coach?

The coach booking form can be found here. Once you have filled in the form, you will be emailed with a quote. If you approve this quote, you will need to take a copy of the invoice to the Finance Office and ask for a BACS payment to be made on your society’s behalf to the coach company.

How do I hire the SU minibus?

The minibus can be hired through the Societies and Activities Coordinator. Email to get more details. It must be booked at least 14 days prior to the date of hire.

What are the driver requirements?

  • The driver must hold a BRITISH driving licence
  • The driver must be at least 21 years old
  • The driver must have held their licence for at least 3 years
  • The driver must take a short test given by one of the Union Porters.

How much does it cost to hire the minibus?

The minibus is not free. If you speak to the Societies & Services Officer, you may be able to get the cost of your first day’s hire for free. The costs otherwise are as follows:

  • £50 per calendar day for hiring the bus (From the day we have the bus delivered to campus, so if you’re using it on a Saturday, you have to pay this fee for the Friday as well!)
  • £40 per calendar day for insurance. (Only applies to days you are actually using the bus)
  • Fuel Money - any fuel a member puts in the bus must be reimbursed to them, so make sure you hang on to fuel receipts!

How do I borrow equipment from the Department?

There is a variety of equipment you can borrow for free, including:

  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Tripod
  • Speaker
  • Charity buckets
  • Charity pots
  • Money tins
  • Gazebo
  • Table
  • HDMI cable
  • AUX cable
  • Projector

All you need to do is come into the Societies Office and speak to the Societies & Activities Coordinator, who can sign the equipment out for you. 


How do I apply for HEAR accreditation?

To apply for HEAR, you need to create a portfolio which contains information about what your society has achieved throughout the year. If you have any questions about HEAR, have a chat with the Societies & Services Officer or the Societies & Activities Coordinator. They can also give you a template to help you with your portfolio.

When is the deadline?

HEAR portfolios must be submitted before Easter. The Exact date will be published annually.


How do I update our Society page on the SU website?

There is a handy guide to help you with updating your Society page, which can be found here. If you have any issues with the website, contact the Societies & Activities Coordinator. 

How do I hold online elections?

If you would like to hold your Society AGM/EGM elections online, you need to fill in this form and send it to the Societies & Activities Coordinator.

Who's Who

Who do I speak to about an issue with a committee or society member?

A summary of how complaints are handled within Societies can be found here. The first port of call is always the Societies & Services Officer.

If the Societies & Services Officer cannot be found, you can also talk to the Societies & Activities Coordinator. Contact details for both can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about getting a Finance Card?

You can get Finance Cards from the Societies & Services Officer or the Societies & Activities Coordinator in order to access your Society account.

Who do I speak to about getting sponsorship for my Society?

You will need to talk to the Societies & Services Officer first, who may direct you on to other members of Union staff.

Who do I speak to about democracy, representation or structures within the SU?

The Societies & Services Officer is the person you need to see if you have any questions about democracy, representation or Students’ Union structures. Or, conversely, you could contact the Union Clerk. Contact details can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about raising an issue or idea at a Society Forum?

You will need to contact your Executive Committee Representative to get a point raised at a Society Forum. Their emails can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about the SU website?

All queries about the SU website should be directed at the Societies & Activities Coordinator. Contact details can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about getting access to my Society email address?

The Societies & Activities Coordinator can reset your email password. Contact details can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about getting help with an event I have planned?

If you are planning an event for your Society, it would be a good idea to have a chat with someone in the Societies Office - the door is always open during the day! Or you can just email

Who do I speak to about getting help with my funding application?

All applications need to be seen by a member of the Executive Committee before being handed into the Societies Office or sent to the Societies & Activities Coordinator. The Executive Committee Reps will be able to help you fill in the forms and make sure you are given the best possible chance of being allocated the funding you are requesting. Their emails can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about helping with putting together a collaborative event?

The Executive Committee Reps can help you get in touch with other Societies and put on events. There are two Open Place Reps for if you want to have an event which is not restricted to your own Society category as well! All their emails can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about an issue within my society category?

If you have an issue within your category, try asking your Executive Committee Rep for help with it before going to the Societies & Services Officer or Societies & Activities Coordinator. All their contact details can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section.

Who do I speak to about catering for my event?

A good starting point for this would be the Societies & Activities Coordinator. Contact details can be found in the “Useful Contacts” section, or you can go to the Societies Office. There are several options to take into consideration, depending on the type of event and catering you require.


Useful Forms:

Room Booking Form

Funding Application Process

Finance Forms:
Petty Cash
Paying In
Bank Transfer

Coach Booking Form

Design Request Form

Merchandise Ordering Form

Printing Request Form

External Speakers Form

Online Elections Form

Online Sales Form

New Society Request Form

Important Documents:

Societies' Committee Handbook

Societies' Manual

Societies' Code of Conduct

Societies' Constitution

Website Guide

Tier System Criteria

HEAR Template

Societies' Disciplinary Procedures

Union's Zero Tolerance Policy

Union's Social Media Policy

Useful Contacts

Societies & Services Officer
01792 604146

Societies & Activities Coordinator
01792 518564

Societies Admin Assistants

Union Clerk:

Academic & Employabilty Rep:

Cultural & International Rep: 

Faith Rep:

Hobbies & Interests Rep:

Performing Arts Rep:

Politics, Campaigns & Liberations Rep:

RAG Rep:

Open Place Rep:



Website Coordinator:

JC’s Manager:

Welsh Translators:

Student Media Coordinator:
The Waterfront Editor:
The Waterfront Deputy Editor:
The Waterfront Societies Editor:

Contact details for all Waterfront Editors can be found here.

Xtreme Head of Station:
Deputy Head of Station:

SUTV Head of Station:
SUTV Deputy Head of Station:

Cliciwch yma i ehangu’r adrannau

Bwcio Ystafell

Bwcio Ystafell

I fwcio ystafell ar y campws, bydd rhaid i chi lenwi’r ffurflen hon. Rhaid i chi lenwi asesiad risg, hefyd. Unwaith i chi wneud y ddau beth hyn, bydd eich cais yn cael ei brosesi a byddwch chi’n derbyn cadarnhad ystafell gan Tîm y Cymdeithasau.

Os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau am fwcio ystafelloedd, anfonwch ebost at

Pa ystafelloedd allai fwcio?

I weld pa ystafelloedd sydd ar gael i’w bwcio, faint o le sydd yn yr ystafelloedd a’u hamseroedd agor, edrychwch ar y ddogfen hon.

Lle oes rhaid i mi arwyddo mewn ac allan o ystafelloedd?

  • Os ydych chi wedi bwcio ystafell yr Undeb, rhaid i chi arwyddo mewn ac allan gyda'r Porthor.
  • Os ydych chi wedi bwcio JC’s neu Diva’s, rhaid i chi arwyddo mewn ac allan gyda staff tu ôl i far JC’s.
  • Os ydych chi wedi bwcio ystafell arall ar Gampws Singleton, rhaid i chi arwyddo mewn ac allan yn Swyddfa Ddiogelwch Ty Fulton.
  • Os ydych chi wedi bwcio ystafell ar Gampws y Bae, rhaid i chi arwyddo mewn ac allan yn Nerbynfa UM.

Sut ydw i’n llenwi asesiad risg?

Gellir dod o hyd i’r ffurflen asesiad risg fel rhan o’r ffurflen bwcio ystafelloedd yma. Dilynwch y cyfarwyddiadau ar y ffurflen ac os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau, anfonwch ebost at

Sut ydw i’n cynnal gwerthiant cacennau?

Mae gwerthiannau cacennau yn cymryd lle yn Nhy Fulton ac mewn llefydd gwahanol ar Gampws y Bae, ond maen nhw’n gallu cael eu bwcio yn yr un ffordd â bwcio ystafelloedd eraill. Rhaid i’r eitemau sy’n cael eu gwerthu gael eu pobi cartref ond dylech chi osgoi defnyddio pethau sydd angen bod yn yr oergell fel hufen ffres. Dylech chi hefyd osgoi defnyddio wyau amrwd wrth bodi oni bai eu bod nhw’n cael eu coginio’n drylwyr. Ni ellir gwerthu unrhyw fwyd neu ddiodydd poeth.


Sut ydw i’n archebu offer dechnegol?

Nodwch beth sydd angen arnoch chi wrth lenwi’r ffurflen bwcio ystafell. Bydd hyn ar dab ychwanegol ar waelod y ddogfen. Sicrhewch eich bod chi’n cynnwys popeth sydd angen arnoch chi a’u hanfon o leiaf pythefnos cyn y digwyddiad. Y peth gorau i’w wneud yw siarad â rhywun o’r adran ddigwyddiadau os nad ydych chi’n siwr beth i nodi ar y ffurflen.

Sut ydw i’n gofyn am storio pethau?

Gellir dod o hyd i ffurflen gais y storfa yma. Bydd y cais yn cael ei gyflwyno at Bwyllgor Gweithredol y Cymdeithasau, sy’n cwrdd unwaith bob pythefnos. Cadwch lygad ar Grwp Facebook Pwyllgorau am ddiweddariadau ar gyfarfodydd.

Sut ydw i’n argraffu eitemau?

Gellir dod o hyd i’r ffurflen argraffu yma. Ebostiwch gopi o beth bynnag rydych chi am gael ei argraffu at Bydd y gost yn cael ei godi ar eich Cymdeithas yn uniongyrchol. Sicrhewch fod y Gymraeg wedi’u cyfieithu’n gywir!

Sut ydw i’n archebu nwyddau?

Gellir dod o hyd i’r ffurflen archebu nwyddau yma. Ebostiwch gopi o unrhyw ddyluniadau sydd i fod ar eich nwyddau at Sicrhewch fod unrhyw beth sy’n cael eu hargraffu (h.y. swyddi’r pwyllgor neu logo y gymdeithas) yn cael eu hysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg hefyd.

Unwaith i chi ebostio cais, bydd rhaid i chi gadw lygaid ar gyfrif ebost eich cymdeithas am ddyfynbris a er mwyn i chi eu cymeradwyo a gall y nwyddau gael eu harchebu.

Sut ydw i’n cael cyfieithiadau?

Anfonwch ebost at gyda’r holl destun. Er enghraifft, peidiwch ag anfon llun o boster.

Sut ydw i’n rhoi erthygl yn y Waterfront?

Mae yna Olygydd Cymdeithasau i’r Waterfront. Ei gyfeiriad ebost yw Neu, gallwch chi ebostio’r Golygydd yn uniongyrchol ar

Sut ydw i’n dechrau Cymdeithas newydd?

Gellir dod o hyd i wybodaeth am sut i ddechrau Cymdeithas newydd yma.

TAm ragor o wybodaeth am fod ar bwyllgor a phwy sy’n rhan o’r Adran Gymdeithasau, ewch i Ganllaw’r Cymdeithasau.

Cyfarfodydd Cyffredinol Blynyddol (CCB) a Cyfarfodydd Cyffredinol Anghyffredin (CCA)

Beth yw CCB?

Mae pwyllgor ac aelodau’r gymdeithas yn dod at ei gilydd i drafod gwaith y gymdeithas dros y flwyddyn (gan gynnwys adroddiadau’r Llywydd a Thrysorydd), unrhyw newidiadau (fel newid mewn cyfansoddiad y gymdeithas) ac ethol pwyllgor newydd mewn CCB.

Dylai rywun gymryd nodiadau yn y cyfarfod hwn er mwyn i bob aelod newydd y pwyllgor allu ymgeisio am achrediad HEAR ar ddiwedd y flwyddyn.

Dylai CCB ddigwydd cyn gwyliau’r Pasg. Nid yw hyn yn golygu bod y pwyllgor newydd yn dechrau’n syth. Mae’r pwyllgor cyfredol yn gweithio tan ddiwedd mis Mehefin.

Os ydych chi’n gymdeithas NEWYDD, pwrpas y CCB yw ethol pwyllgor newydd i ddechrau’r gymdeithas! Dylai rywun cymryd nodiadau yn y cyfarfod, ond nad yw’r adroddiadau’n angenrheidiol, a gallent gael ei gynnal yn ystod y flwyddyn, yn dibynnu ar bryd mae’r gymdeithas yn cael ei chymeradwyo,

Sut ydw i’n cynnal CCB?

Dechreuwch wrth fwcio ystafell. Dylai pob CCB ddigwydd yn ystod yr wythnos weithiol, ac ar amser addas. Peidiwch â chynnal y cyfarfod am 11yh ar nos Sul, er enghraifft!

Rhaid bod o leiaf dwywaith y nifer o bobl yno na’r nifer o swyddi gwag. Yn syml, os oes 6 swydd ar y pwyllgor ar gael, mae rhaid bod o leiaf 12 person yn pleidleisio yn y CCB.

Os ydych chi’n cynnal eich etholiad ar-lein, mae’r rheol hon hefyd yn berthnasol i faint o fyfyrwyr sydd angen pleidleisio i gael etholiad dilys.

Sicrhewch eich bod chi’n rhoi deg diwrnod o rybudd i’ch aelodau, a bod yr Adran Gymdeithasau yn ymwybodol cyn i chi gynnal CCB (neu CCA) er mwyn i un o aelodau’r Pwyllgor Gweithredol allu mynychu. Mae’r aelodau yn dod â’r holl ffurflenni perthnasol ac yn beirniadu.

Penderfyniad chi yw sut rydych chi’n gwneud y broses o ethol ond rhaid dilyn y rheolau syml hyn:

  1. Sicrhewch fod pawb sy’n pleidleisio yn aelod o’ch cymdeithas (pan fo angen). Ni all aelodau cysylltiedig bleidleisio, ond mae croeso iddynt ddod i CCB (neu CCA).
  2. Sicrhewch fod pawb yn ymwybodol y gallent bleidleisio i Ail-Agor Enwebiadau neu RON) os nad ydynt yn meddwl bod unrhyw un o’r ymgeiswyr yn addas.
  3. Gofynnwch i aelod o’r Pwyllgor Gweithredol fod yn bresennol wrth gyfri’r pleidleisiau i sicrhau didueddrwydd.

Gellir dod o hyd i restr ar gyfer y CCB yma, sy’n gwneud pethau’n haws.

Awgrymir yng Nghyfansoddiad y Cymdeithasau bod gan y Llywydd y penderfyniad olaf os oes etholiad cyfartal gan mai’r Llywydd yw arweinydd democrataidd y Gymdeithas.

Nodyn am Aelodau Cymdeithasau

Mae yna ddau fath o aelodaeth y gall aelodau cymdeithas eu cael, safonol neu gysylltiedig. Mae myfyrwyr Prifysgol Abertawe yn prynu aelodaeth safonol, ac mae pobl eraill yn prynu aelodaeth gysylltiedig.

Mae Aelodaeth Safonol yn rhoi hawliad pleidleisio ac yn galluogi’r aelod sefyll am safle ar y pwyllgor.

Mae Aelodaeth Gysylltiedig yn rhoi hawl i aelod gymryd rhan mewn cyfarfodydd ond ni allent bleidleisio neu fod ar y pwyllgor.

Swyddi Pwyllgor Angenrheidiol a’u rolau

Rhaid bod gan bob pwyllgor y 3 swydd hyn – Llywydd, Trysorydd ac Ysgrifennydd. Gall cymdeithas ddewis i ychwanegu swyddi os oes angen.

Noder nad yw’r pwyllgor yn hierarchaidd – mae pob swydd yn gyfartal.

Y Llywydd yw arweinydd democrataidd y Gymdeithas. Ei gyfrifoldeb yw cadeirio cyfarfodydd, arwain wrth wneud penderfyniadau ac edrych ar ôl y gymdeithas a’r aelodau yn gyffredinol. Maen nhw hefyd yn dal Cerdyn Cyllid fel y Trysorydd. Ar ddiwedd y flwyddyn, rhaid iddynt roi adroddiad yn y CCB yn manylu ar waith y gymdeithas dros y flwyddyn.

Mae’r Trysorydd yn gyfrifol dros arian y Gymdeithas. Mae hyn yn cynnwys cael Cerdyn Cyllid, rheoli arian a chadw llygad ar gyllid y gymdeithas. Ar ddiwedd y flwyddyn, mae gofyn iddynt adrodd ar gyllid y gymdeithas dros y flwyddyn yn y CCB.

Yr Ysgrifennydd sy’n gwneud y gwaith papur fel bwcio ystafelloedd i ysgrifennu nodiadau mewn cyfarfodydd. Maen nhw hefyd yn cadw llygad ar gyfrif e-bost y gymdeithas ac yn ymateb i e-byst, neu anfon diweddariadau i’w haelodau.

Ond, y Pwyllgor i gyd sy’n penderfynu pa ddyletswyddau y dylai pob person ei gael, ac yn aml, bydd y swyddi’n cael ei rhannu rhwng yr holl aelodau.

Beth yw CCA a phryd ddylai’r gymdeithas gynnal un?

Mae etholiad yn cymryd lle mewn Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Anghyffredin nad sy’n cynnwyd yr holl bwyllgor, er enghraifft, os hoffech chi ethol Cynrychiolydd Myfyrwyr y Glas ar ôl Ffair y Glas, gallwch chi gynnal CCA. Neu os yw aelod o’r pwyllgor yn tynnu allan ac rydych chi am gael person arall yn ei le, byddwch chi’n cynnal CCA. Mae swyddi eraill y pwyllgor yn aros fel y maent ond mae etholiad yn cael ei gynnal am un safle newydd neu gyfredol.

Cworwm CCA yw 6 person.

Gall CCA gael ei gynnal unrhyw bryd yn ystod y flwyddyn (os bod gan yr aelodau o leiaf 5diwrnod o rybudd) ond mae rhaid i’r Adran Gymdeithasau wybod amdano.


Sut ydw i’n cael mynediad at gyfrif fy Nghymdeithas?

Mae Undeb y Myfyrwyr yn darparu pob cymdeithas â chyfrif arian ei hun, a dim ond y Llywydd a’r Trysorydd sydd â mynediad atynt. Rhaid bod y Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau neu’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau yn arwyddo’r Cerdyn Cyllid yn gyntaf.

Mae’r Dderbynfa Gyllid wrth Dderbynfa’r Undeb yn Faraday ac Adeilad yr Undeb ar Gampws y Bae. Mae’r rhain ar gael i Gymdeithasau rhwng 10:00-16:00.

Os ydych chi am weld faint o arian sydd yn y cyfrif, anfonwch e-bost at

Gallwch chi hefyd ddelio â thaliadau BACS drwy e-bost

Sut ydw i’n gweld faint o arian sydd yng nghyfrif y gymdeithas?

Anfonwch e-bost at, a byddant yn anfon datganiad i chi gyda’r holl arian sy’n dod mewn ac yn mynd allan o’ch cyfrif. Gallwch chi hefyd ofyn unrhyw gwestiynau am eich cyfrif iddyn nhw.

Sut ydw i’n tynnu arian o gyfrif y gymdeithas?

Dyma sut i dynnu arian:

  • Rhaid i Ffurflen Arian Barod gael ei llenwi gydag anfoneb neu dderbynebau.
  • Rhaid i’r ffurflen gael ei awdurdodi gan Lywydd neu Drysorydd Cymdeithas ac un o’r canlynol;
    Os yw’r cyllid ar gael ac os oes angen llai na £200 - Aelod o staff gyllid
    Os yw’r cyllid ar gael ac os oes angen mwy na - Gweinyddwr Cyllid neu Reolwr Cyllid a Masnachol neu Brif Swyddog Gweithredol neu Ymddiriedolwr (e.e. y Swyddogion Llawn-amser)
    - Os nad yw’r arian ar gae - 
    Rheolwr Cyllid a Masnachol neu Brif Swyddog Gweithredol neu Ymddiriedolwr

Sut ydw i’n tynnu arian ar gyfer fflôt?

Efallai bydd angen fflôt arian (til) i roi newid i aeloda, er enghraifft wrth iddynt brynu dillad neu docynnau).

Rhaid i chi dderbyn awdurdod gan y Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau cyn cymryd fflôt a bydd ei werth yn dibynnu ar y sefyllfa benodol.

Rhaid i’r un faint o arian gael ei roi yn ôl i’r gymdeithas cyn gynted â phosib.

Sut ydw i’n talu am rywbeth o gyfrif y gymdeithas?

Gall taliad BACS gael ei wneud ar ran Cymdeithas gan yr Adran Gyllid i dalu am anfonebau. Dylid hawlio taliadau i Gymdeithas i'w had-dalu am gostau a godir trwy arian parod lle bynnag y bo modd. Gall taliad banc gael ei wneud pan fod y gost dros £200 ac mae derbynebau neu anfoneb yn cael eu dangos.

Mae talu drwy BACS yn digwydd fel hyn:

  • Rhaid i ffurflen awdurdod gael ei lenwi gydag anfoneb neu dderbynebau
  • Rhaid i’r ffurflen gael ei awdurdodi gan y Llywydd neu’r Trysorydd.
  • Rhaid i o leiaf dau o’r bobl ganlynol awdurdodi’r taliadau: Y Gweinyddwr Cyllid, Rheolwr Cyllid a Masnachol, Rheolwr yr Undeb neu Ymddiriedolwr (e.e. un o’r Swyddogion Llawn Amser).

Noder bod taliadau BACS yn cymryd hyd at bythefnos i’w prosesu.

Gellir gwneud hyn ar-lein heb ddod i’r Swyddfa Gyllid. Anfonwch e-bost at

Sut ydw i’n rhoi arian mewn i gyfrif y Gymdeithas?

Sut ydw i’n talu Cymdeithas drwy ddefnyddio bancio ar-lein?

Defnyddiwch y manylion isod:

Banc: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc.
Enw’r Cyfrif: Swansea University Students’ Union
Cod Didoli: 30-98-85
Rhif y Cyfrif: 00891532

Defnyddiwch enw’r Gymdeithas fel cyfeirnod. Bydd hyn yn ein helpu i sicrhau bod y gymdeithas gywir yn derbyn y taliad.

Sut ydw i’n adneuo arian i gyfrif y gymdeithas?

Dewch â’r arian i’r Swyddfa Gyllid a llenwch ffurflen! Hawdd!

Sut ydw i’n ymgeisio am gyllid?

Gweler disgrifiad o’r broses ymgeisio am gyllid yma. Os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau am y broses, anfonwch ebost at Bwyllgor Gweithredol y Cymdeithasau. Mae eu manylion cyswllt isod.

Sut ydw i’n codi arian ar gyfer y gymdeithas/elusen?

Os yw eich Cymdeithas am godi arian am ddigwyddiad neu elusen rydych chi am gefnogi, edrychwch drwy’r pecyn codi arian hwn. Mae yna syniadau am sut i godi arian a sut i gael digwyddiad llwyddiannus.

Trefnu Digwyddiadau

Sut ydw i’n trefnu digwyddiad?

Os ydych chi’n cael trafferth meddwl am syniadau ar gyfer y digwyddiad, neu’n cael trafferth ddod â’r syniadau’n fyw, dewch i siarad â rhywun. Dechreuwch drwy ddod i weld y Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau a fydd yn eich helpu i gysylltu â’r Rheolwr Digwyddiadau neu unrhyw un arall sy’n berthnasol.

Sut ydw i’n bwcio coets?

Gellir dod o hyd i’r ffurflen bwcio coets yma. Unwaith i chi lenwi’r ffurflen, byddwch chi’n derbyn e-bost gyda phris. Os ydych chi’n cymeradwyo’r pris, bydd rhaid i chi fynd â chopi o’r anfoneb at y Swyddfa Gyllid a gofyn i daliad BACS gael ei wneud at y cwmni ar ran eich cymdeithas.

Sut ydw i’n llogi’r bws mini?

Gellir llogi’r bws mini drwy’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau. Anfonwch ebost at am ragor o fanylion. Rhaid iddo gael ei fwcio o leiaf 14 diwrnod ymlaen llaw.

Beth yw gofynion y gyrrwr?

  • Rhaid bod gan y gyrrwr drwydded yrru BRYDEINIG
  • Rhaid bod y gyrrwr o leiaf 21 oed
  • Rhaid bod y gyrrwr wedi cael ei drwydded am o leiaf 3 mlynedd
  • Rhaid i’r gyrrwr wneud prawf byr gydag un o Borthwyr yr Undeb.

Faint yw hi’n costio i logi’r bws mini?

Nid yw’r bws mini yn rhad ac am ddim. Os ydych chi’n siarad â’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau, gallwch chi gael cost diwrnod cyntaf y llogi am ddim. Fel arall, mae’r costau isod:

  • £50 y dydd i logi’r bws (O’r diwrnod y mae’r bws yn dod i’r campws, felly os ydych chi’n ei ddefnyddio ar Ddydd Sadwrn, rhaid i chi dalu’r ffi am Ddydd Gwener hefyd!)
  • £40 y dydd am yswiriant. (Dim ond yn berthnasol i’r dyddiau mae’r bws yn cael ei ddefnyddio)
  • Arian y Tanwydd – rhaid i’r tanwydd mae unrhyw aelod yn rhoi yn y bws gael ei roi yn ôl iddynt, felly cadwch eich derbynebau!

Sut ydw i’n benthyg offer gan yr Adran?

Mae yna amryw o offer y gallwch chi fenthyg am ddim, gan gynnwys:

  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Trybedd
  • Uwchseinydd
  • Bwcedi elusen
  • Potiau elusen
  • Tiniau arian
  • Gasebo
  • Bwrdd
  • Cebl HDMI
  • Cebl AUX
  • Taflunydd

Dewch i’r Swyddfa Gymdeithasau a siaradwch â’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau i arwyddo eich bod chi’n benthyg yr offer.


Sut ydw i’n ymgeisio am achrediad HEAR?

I ymgeisio am HEAR, rhaid i chi greu portffolio sy’n cynnwys gwybodaeth am lwyddiannau’r gymdeithas dros y flwyddyn. Os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau am HEAR, siaradwch â’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau neu’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau. Gallant nhw hefyd rhoi templed i chi i helpu gyda’ch portffolio.

Pryd yw’r dyddiad cau?

Rhaid i bortffolios HEAR gael eu cyflwyno cyn y Pasg. Bydd y dyddiad yn cael ei gyhoeddi’n flynyddol.


Sut ydw i’n diweddaru ein tudalen ar wefan UM?

Mae yna ganllaw defnyddiol i’ch helpu wrth ddiweddaru eich tudalen yma. Os oes gennych chi unrhyw broblemau gyda’r wefan, cysylltwch â’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau.

Sut ydw i’n cynnal etholiadau ar-lein?

Os hoffech chi gynnal etholiadau CCB/CCA i’r Gymdeithas ar-lein, rhaid i chi lenwi’r ffurflen hon a’i hanfon at y Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau.

Pwy yw Pwy

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â phroblem gydag aelod pwyllgor neu gymdeithas?

Gellir gweld crynodeb o sut mae cwynion yn cael eu delio â nhw o fewn Cymdeithasau yma. Ewch i’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau yn gyntaf.

Os na allwch chi ffeindio’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau, gallwch chi siarad â’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau. Gellir dod o hyd i’w manylion cyswllt e-bost yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â chael Cerdyn Cyllid?

Gallwch chi ddod o hyd i Gardiau Cyllid gan y Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau neu’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau er mwyn gael mynediad at gyfrif eich Cymdeithas.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â noddi fy Nghymdeithas?

Bydd rhaid i chi siarad â’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau yn gyntaf, a all anfon chi at aelodau eraill o staff yr Undeb.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â democratiaeth, cynrychiolaeth neu strwythurau o fewn UM?

Y person gorau i’w weld yw’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau am ddemocratiaeth, cynrychiolydd neu strwythurau Undeb y Myfyrwyr. Neu, gallwch chi gysylltu â Chlerc yr Undeb. Gellir dod o hyd i’w manylion cyswllt yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â chodi mater neu syniad mewn Fforwm Cymdeithas?

Bydd rhaid i chi gysylltu â Chynrychiolydd y Pwyllgor Gweithredol i godi mater mewn Fforwm Myfyrwyr. Gellir dod o hyd i’w cyfeiriadau e-bost yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â gwefan UM?

Dylai bob ymholiad am wefan UM gael ei anfon at y Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau. Gellir dod o hyd i’w manylion cyswllt yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â chael mynediad at gyfeiriad e-bost fy Nghymdeithas?

Gall y Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau ailosod eich cyfrinair. Gellir dod o hyd i’w manylion cyswllt yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â helpu gyda threfnu digwyddiad?

Os ydych chi’n trefnu digwyddiad am eich Cymdeithas, mae’n syniad da i siarad â rhywun yn y Swyddfa Gymdeithasau - mae’r drws wastad ar agor yn ystod y dydd! Neu anfonwch ebost at

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â helpu gyda fy nghais am arian?

Rhaid i bob cais gael ei weld gan aelod o’r Pwyllgor Gweithredol cyn cael ei roi i’r Swyddfa Gymdeithasau neu ei anfon at y Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gweithgareddau. Bydd Cynrychiolwyr y Pwyllgor Gweithredol yn gallu helpu wrth lenwi’r ffurflenni a sicrhau eich bod genych chi’r cyfle gorau o gael cyllid. Gellir dod o hyd i’w cyfeiriadau ebost yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy ydw i’n siarad â nhw ynglyn â helpu wrth drefnu digwyddiad cydweithredol?

Gall Cynrychiolwyr y Pwyllgor Gweithredol eich helpu i gysylltu â chymdeithasau eraill a chynnal digwyddiadau. Mae yna ddau Gynrychiolydd Agored os ydych chi am gynnal digwyddiad nad sy’n rhan o gategori cymdeithasau eich hun. Gellir dod o hyd i’w cyfeiriadau ebost yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy sy’n delio â mater o fewn categori fy nghymdeithas?

Os oes gennych chi broblem o fewn eich categori, ceisiwch ofyn i Gynrychiolydd eich Pwyllgor Gweithredol am gymorth cyn mynd i’r Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau neu’r Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau. Gellir dod o hyd i’w manylion cyswllt yn yr adran “Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol.

Pwy sy’n delio ag arlwyo fy nigwyddiad?

Dechrau da fydd eich Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau. Gellir dod o hyd i fanylion cyswllt isod, neu ewch i’r Swyddfa Gymdeithasau. Mae yna nifer o opsiynau i’w hystyried, yn dibynnu ar y digwyddiad a pha fath o arlwyo sydd ei angen.

Ffurflenni Defnyddiol:

Ffurflen Bwcio Ystafell

Proses Ymgeisio am Gyllid

Ffurflenni Cyllid:
Arian Mân
Talu i Mewn
Trosglwyddo Arian

Ffurflen Bwcio Bws

Ffurflen Archebu Nwyddau

Ffurflen Dyluniadau

Ffurflen Argraffu

Ffurflen Siaradwyr Allanol

Ffurflen Etholiadau Arlein

Ffurflen Gwethiannau Arlein

Ffurflen Creu Cymdeithas Newydd

Dogfennau Pwysig:

Llawlyfr Pwyllgorau Cymdeithasau

Canllaw Cymdeithasau

Cod Ymddygiad Cymdeithasau

Cyfansoddiad Cymdeithasau

Canllaw'r Wefan

Meini Prawf y System Haenau

Templed HEAR

Cyfundrefnau Disgyblaethol yr Undeb

Polisi Goddef Dim yr Undeb

Polisi Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol yr Undeb

Cysylltiadau Defnyddiol:

Swyddog Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau
01792 604146

Cydlynydd Cymdeithasau a Gwasanaethau
01792 518564

Cynorthwywyr Gweinyddol Cymdeithasau

Clerc yr Undeb

Pwyllgor Gweithredol Cymdeithasau

Cynrychiolydd Academaidd a Chyflogadwyedd

Cynrychiolydd Diwylliannol a Rhyngwladol 

Cynrychiolydd Ffydd

Cynrychiolydd Hobïau A Diddordebau

Cynrychiolydd Celfyddydau Perfformio

Cynrychiolydd Gwleidyddol, Ymgyrchoedd a Rhyddhadau

Cynrychiolydd RAG

Cynrychiolydd Agored

Swyddogion Llawn-amser
Information on this will be updated shortly.

Swyddogion Rhan-amser
Information on this will be updated shortly.

Cynrychiolwyr Pwnc a Choleg
Information on this will be updated shortly.



Cydlynydd y Wefan

Rheolwr JC’s a Diva’s

Cyfieithwyr Cymraeg

Myfyrwyr Cyfryngau Abertawe
Cydlynydd Cyfryngau Myfyrwyr
The Waterfront
Golygydd Cymdeithasau

Gellir dod o hyd i holl Olygyddion y Waterfront yma.

Pennaeth yr Orsaf
Is-bennaeth yr Orsaf

Pennaeth yr Orsaf
Is-bennaeth yr Orsaf

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