Starting a New Society

If you want to start a new society, simply fill in this form with details of what your new society will be, and collect 20 signatures from students who agree it is a good idea!

Then submit the form to the Societies Office and it will be taken to the Societies' Executive Committee for discussion. You will then be emailed with the decision that was made. If you have been approved, you will be given your very own [societyname] email address, you will be able to book rooms and have all other society priveledges, and will be added to the SU website once you have held an AGM to elect in your first committee.

Societies' Executive Committee Meetings take place around every 2/3 weeks during term time, so it can take a bit of time before you hear back. If you are planning on starting a Society over the summer months, it will not go through the Executive Committee until the new term starts in October.

If you have any questions, email