Celebrating Black History
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What is Celebrating Black History?

Celebrating Black History runs throughout the year, and celebrates the achievements and diversity of our students, as well as the huge contributions the community has made here in Swansea!

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Throughout the academic year, your SU in collaboration with the University organises a range of activities to celebrate the diversity of the cultures on campus - for example, our in 2022 we included a tasting session with the help of the Afro-Caribbean Society, dance sessions, sports events, as well as a Black History Month Ball to bring the celebrations to a close.

In addition to this, we arranged informative events including panel discussions and anti-racism training, as well as sharing information and resources related to Celebrating Black History.


To celebrate the contribution made by the diverse range of cultures but also commemorate the struggle (historical and ongoing) for equality and representation.


In Europe, Black History Month runs throughout October every year and is regarded as one of the most prominent cultural celebrations. The first iteration of what we now call Black History Month can be traced back to 1926 America, but the first Black History Month celebration didn't take place in the UK until October 1987!

We want to do more than this - we believe that celebrating black history extends further than just the month of October, so we've arranged events throughout the academic year to reflect this!



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