Period Poverty
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What is Period Poverty?

Every person who experiences menstruation should have access to period products in a safe, inclusive and dignified way

Important Infomation

Period Poverty

The time of the month can be a challenging one, especially if you are facing financial hardship. At your SU, our Period Poverty campaign ensures that all of our students experiencing menstruation have access to period products in a dignified and inclusive way.

We are dedicated to providing menstrual products to those that need them, with access to these products in the SU offices, toilets and other communal areas across the university campuses. 

This campaign contributes towards the efforts to increase the accessibility and affordability of menstrual products, as well as highlighting the issues surrounding period poverty.

What we do

We provide a range of free period products including sustainable options like reusable pads and Mooncups. If you need any, pop into the SU offices where you will be able to pick some up.



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