I am unhappy with my mark or grade. Can I appeal?


Academic appeals must be submitted within 3 months from the date your results have been published. You can only appeal if: 

  • You are prevented from continuing with your studies part way through a level, or 

  • you fail to qualify to proceed to the next stage of your studies, or 

  • you wish to appeal against a final result or the award of an exit qualification, or 

  • where the effects of a progression decision have a significant impact on your overall result. 

You cannot appeal: 

  • Because you think you worked hard, and the mark awarded doesn’t reflect this; 

  • Because you were unhappy with the teaching on the course or supervision (This should have been a complaint not an appeal); 

  • Because your performance was affected, and you didn't submit extenuating circumstances at the time (unless you have evidence that you were not in the right frame of mind at the time of the assessment) 

If you would like further advice on the appeals process, please contact us in the Advice Centre. 


Please find the Academic Appeal Form here to start filling in