Get Your Bins Out

Don't be rubbish - get your bins and rubbish ready for collection before you move out

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Help beat the stigma of the end-of-term Binmageddon by getting your rubbish ready to go before you move.

No one likes doing the bins - in fact, it's probably only the Swansea seagulls that enjoy them. You can ruin their fun by making sure you recycle correctly and put your bins out on the correct collection days.

?? Click here to find out when your collection day is ??

What goes where?

Recycling is an easy way that we can all help towards building a better future - but only when done correctly.

Here are the basics:

  • ??Green week
    • Paper & cardboard in the same bag (but not with metal, glass & foil)
    • Metal, glass & foil in the same bag (but not with paper & cardboard)
  • ??Pink week
    • Plastic pots, tubs, trays & bottles
    • Non-recyclables - black bags, 3 maximum
  • ??Every week
    • Food waste

But will it recycle?

Still unsure of what to put in which bin? Swansea Council have a handy guide with all the information you need.

Did you know that you can recycle:

  • Deodorants, body sprays & hairspray aerosols - any plastic lids will need to go into plastic recycling
  • Hand soap bottles - keep the lids and pumps attached
  • Bathroom cleaners & bleach bottles - keep lids and spray triggers attached
  • Clean foil - no food or grease
  • Clean takeaway trays - no food or grease
  • Washing up liquid bottles - keep lids attached

For a full list of items you may be surprised to recycle - click here

Live in halls?

Your bedroom and kitchen must be emptied before you leave. There will be a £10 charge for every bag that has to be removed.


Clothing, books, furniture

  • Instead of chucking out clothing, books or furniture you no longer need, consider donating them. We have clothing donation points on both Bay and Singleton campuses if you want to donate
  • If you want to make a bit of money to help towards the cost of moving, try selling your clothing or books on second-hand websites or apps. This really goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint and puts some cash in your pocket


  • You may well find that you have a bit of a surplus of food when you're moving out. We will have a food bank donation point on campus where you can drop off the food you won't get around to eating so that it doesn't go to waste. You'll find a food bank donation bin at the front of Costcutter (by the tills) & at the FTO offices in the Faraday building on Singleton campus, and you can drop off any food parcels or donations at the reception at Y Twyni on Bay campus

We know that there's a lot to do at the end of term and thinking about bins is probably the last thing on your mind, but it's important to make sure you plan ahead and get your recycling and rubbish out and collected on the right day.

Don't let the seagulls win ? Click here to find out your collection dates.

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