What should I do about the inventory check – in / out report?


When you first move into your property you should be provided with an inventory early on and be asked to go through it and confirm if the pictures and information in it are accurate. You can then take further photo’s if you do not believe they have noted something down. It is important you are satisfied the inventory is correct, as when you move out they will provide you with another inventory and can request deductions from your deposit if they feel anything is not at the same standard it was when you moved in. This can not include general wear and tear as things will never remain the same through a year or longer that you are in the property. If you are not provided with a move in inventory but then are told at the end about issues they want you to pay for, they would have limited ability to act on due to having no original inventory as it would be seen that there is no proof of the condition when you moved into the property.