What to do when viewing a property?


First things first, do not rush when looking for a property and feel like you need to sign for the first property you see. It is okay to take your time and use your first term to work out who you actually want to live with and start searching from the second term onwards. Many landlords and agents may push you saying how urgent it is that you find somewhere quickly but it is important to be aware you do have time. Once you have a property viewing arranged make sure you check the property is registered and licensed on Rent Smart Wales Public Register (gov.wales). All private rented properties in wales must be on here otherwise it is illegal. If you have reason to believe a property is not registered or licensed we would recommend confirming this with either the landlord or agent and avoiding any properties you are unsure on. When you go onto this website you can type in the address of the property to check it.   

ASK the LandLord (L) or Agency (A) 

  • Confirm who manages the property L or agency A? 

  • Is it a Joint contract and you have equal liability for the whole house or an individual contract where you have only got responsibility for one room?  

  • Find out what the rent per person is each month? 

  • With the increasing costs of utility bills it is important you find out an estimate for the cost of bills. See if bills are included at all in the properties rent.  

  • Check if there is a summer retainer and if so how much this would be? This would usually be half rent for the summer months and you may be able to leave your belonging in the house but not live there over summer. 

  • Find out how much the deposit is? 

  • Which Deposit protection scheme will they use? 

  • Do you need a UK guarantor to rent the property? 

  • When would the contract start? Confirm with them that you can get access to the keys on that starting date to move in right away or if you would need to wait.  

  • Any renovations or work being done before you move in? If you spot any issues in the property make sure the accommodation provider is aware of this.  

  • Is this agreed in the contract? 

  • Can you leave your stuff over the summer? 

  • Does the property have up to date Gas safety certificates?  

  • Check the Energy Performance Certificate before agreeing to the property 



  • How long does it take to get to your /university campus?  

  • Transport links, is it near a bus stop? 

  • Are there shops nearby that you will be shopping at?  

  • Does the area feel safe in the day and at night?  



  • Are the bedrooms a good size? 

  • Do you have a nice communal area to spend time together as a house and invite friends over? 

  • Are the windows double glazed?  

  • Is there enough shared space? 

  • Is there enough study/storage space?  

  • How many bathrooms/toilets are there? 

  • Enough kitchen units/fridges?  

  • Does the property come furnished?  

  • Are the furniture and carpets in good condition? 

  • Is there any damage or disrepair? 

  • Signs of Mould or damp? 


  • Are repairs completed in a reasonable time? 

  • Does the heating work? 

  • Are there any issues with the house? 

  • How is the local area? 


  • Working smoke detectors? 

  • Car/bike storage if appropriate? 

  • Secure doors/windows?