Eating Well on Campus

We have plenty of choices for you to Eat Well on Campus

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I know, the leftover pizza from last night is giving you the eye. The packet of porridge oats sitting next to it is an uninspiring sight in comparison, but deep down you know it's a reliable way to start your morning. Which one will you choose?

Uni life is a whirlwind of lectures, late-night study sessions, and the occasional night out.

With so much on your plate - quite literally - it's easy to overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. But it's important to keep in mind that what you put into your body can have a profound impact on your academic success and overall well-being!

Did you know that we have a selection of healthy eating choices on campus?

From low-cal sandwiches to halal wraps, and healthy salads to plant-based yoghurt, you will find a range of grab-and-go food choices in Costcutter - perfect for picking up when dashing between lectures.

JCs offer warm paninis as well as cakes (yep, plant-based options too) to accompany your lunchtime study session.

You'll find a range of hot and cold food options available at Harbwr - you can order through the Uni Food Hub app to collect if you're in a rush!

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