Officer Statement

Officer statement regarding the ongoing Gaza conflict


In light of the continuing Palestine and Gaza conflict, we, the Swansea University Students’ Union Officer team wishes to come together and share the feeling of hurt from what we have been witnessing in Palestine and Israel.

 This is a sensitive matter, and we understand many of our student community share the same feelings regarding this outrageous conflict that is going on, and our thoughts are with all those affected by the violence, with our students, with the civilians who have lost their lives, and with their families.

As your elected Officer team this year, we are not experts in dealing with conflicts of this nature, nor do we have the answers for its resolution. We do however passionately believe in Peace, and that both Palestinian and Israeli people have the right to live in peace. A peace that promotes freedom from violence, terrorism, and fear. The violence that is being experienced by civilians due to this conflict is unacceptable and cruel, and its effect of prolonging a cycle of suffering need to cease. This is why we Officers are in support for a call for ceasefire and end the violence and oppression on innocent civilians.

All students have the right to feel safe not only in Swansea University, and in communities we live, but also in the world at large, which is why we want to take a stand and express our intolerance for hate in any form. We would further like to also express that there will be consequences for antisemitism, islamophobia or hate against Palestinian or Israeli students or individuals within our community and that these may result in an immediate ban from the SU and reporting to the University and the police. Therefore, should you witness or experience any such harassment, we urge you to report it through University’s reporting systems, via the Safe Zone app, or through our Advice & Support Centre.

As Humans, we encourage everyone to educate themselves whilst also having an open eye and understanding of potential for biased sources that are presented online. As a society, it is imperative that we understand the power we hold both as individuals and as a society at large. If we stick and stay together, we have the power to make our voices heard and reach out to those who hold political and economic powers including but not limited to our university. As previously mentioned, the call for a ceasefire should be imminent, and this lays on our political leaders to do.


We call on all students and the rest of the campus and wider community to stand together, reach out to our Jewish and Muslim friends and aid one another through support and love in these hard and painful times.


For those affected by this conflict please do remember that the Students’ Union and the University has support systems and services in place, so do not hesitate to reach out whenever you need it.


If you are a Swansea University student and you are currently in the region, then please contact our Advice and Support team at or

For those feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing news, the University's Welfare service is here to support you, and you can contact them at

If the conflict has affected your mental health, then please reach out to for support or call Student Support Services at 01792 295592.

In the case that the conflict has affected your studies, contact your academic department who will be able to support you. The Student Advice Centre can also assist you with any academic issues you might have, and they can be reach at


While acknowledging the complexity and volatility of the conflict in Palestine and Israel, we believe in the unwavering pursuit of peace. Our commitment remains steadfast to empathetically listen, understand, and stand by our students during these trying moments, offering support and solace wherever we can when it's needed.

We have been in contact with contact with the PalSoc (Palestinian Society), JSOC (Jewish Society) and ISOC (Islamic Society) to understand how their members are being impacted, how we can support them. We have also been in consultations with the NUS to convey the impact the conflict is having on our members and seek advice from our colleagues in NUS.


From the SU Officers

Swansea University Students' Union