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Ever heard of the National Student Survey (NSS)? It’s more than just a survey- it’s your chance to shape the future of your course! 

What is the National Student Survey (NSS)?

  • NSS is a UK-wide, annual student survey that helps universities and students’ unions know what they’re doing well and address what needs to be improved.

Why should you care? Because your voice matters!

  • Only you and your fellow students know what it is like studying on your course.
  • So, the NSS has been designed to capture your views on the areas that matter to you.
  • We, as a University and Student Union, will use your feedback to make real changes to the student experience.

Shhhh... It's a secret!

  • Your responses are strictly confidential and anonymised before being shared.
  • The anonymised NSS results are also published on the Discover Uni website which is designed to help prospective students decide what & where to study.  

Who's eligible?

  • NSS is mostly open to final year undergraduates. Students on flexible part-time programmes will typically be surveyed during their fourth year of study.
  • All eligible students will be contacted - so keep an eye out on your emails or phone!

Ready to make a difference? Visit the NSS website for more info: National Student Survey : National Student Survey (

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