What would YOU do if YOU were in charge of Swansea Uni?

It's Speak Week and we want YOU to spill the tea! What's the university's biggest red flag? What is their green flag? Perhaps, they have some beige flags that need addressing...WE WANT TO KNOW!


IT'S SPEAK WEEK! And we're keen to know, What would YOU do if YOU were in charge of Swansea Uni?

From the 1st to the 8th of December, we’re asking our Swansea students to spill the tea... What would you change about the university? What would you keep the same? What do you think the university's red, green, and beige flags are? We're dying to know!

If you’re new here, then let us give you some background on the campaign. Speak Week is a campaign run by your SU (us) every year and is a way of understanding how students feel about their life at Swansea University. So now maybe you're wondering, "Well, that's good, but why should I bother sharing my opinion?" to which we say, "Well, don't you want to make some genuine change at your university?" ALL student feedback gathered throughout Speak Week, positive and negative, will be analysed and sent to the 'Big Wigs' of the University (a.k.a The Senior Leadership Team). With this student feedback, we believe some real positive changes can be made in the student experience.

So how can you have your say? Pfft... Easy!

Look out for our FTOs and SU Reps around campus from the 1st to the 8th of December. They’ll have QR codes and iPads to grab your opinions with ease.

Can't make it in person? No bother! Just click this link to have your say from the comfort of your own bed, the gym, the library – wherever the mood strikes you.

Your voices matter and together we can make some real change!

Swansea University Students' Union