Swansea University Students’ Union are affiliated to many different organisations which all help to provide top quality services to students.

Every year we hold a referendum to decide who we stay affiliated to – To find out the current list please see below!

Advice UK



Advice UK is the UK’s largest support network for independent advice services.

Our membership is important to our Advice Service provision as we get our liability insurance through Advice UK. We get a 30% reduction on the annual cost of Advice Pro, which is our case management system, because we are members of Advice UK.

Cost: £271 p.a.



NACAB (National association of citizens advice bureau) aim to provide advice people need for the problems they face and improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives. NACAB provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.”

We are affiliated to National association of citizens advice bureau (CAB) nationally who supply us with access to their information systems on-line and all our library of books comes through them. We can also access specialist advice should we need it.

Cost: £1061 p.a.


NDNA (National day nurseries association) aim is to make sure children get the best possible start in life. By empowering childcare settings to run high quality, sustainable businesses, NDNA know children will benefit from the best care and learning, helping them to reach their potential.”

The SU Nursery is affiliated to both the nationwide association and the Welsh NDNA. The benefits include:

  • Discount on the essential courses for all early years’ sectors
  • Discount with the major educational suppliers
  • Management guidance for issues such as Policies and Procedures for Childcare settings
  • A knowledge hub where ideas and issues are shared
  • Newsletters for current issues affecting Childcare providers.

Cost: £173 p.a.


NUS is the National Union of Students and is one of the largest student organisations in the world, representing the interests of around 7 million students in further and higher education throughout the United Kingdom.

Over 600 Students’ Unions are affiliated with NUS, including us! Every students' union pays an annual subscription fee to NUS, which in turn funds all the campaigns, activities and support services of NUS.

What is NUS Wales?

NUS Wales is a nation of NUS who focuses on issues that are affecting students studying in Wales. Since Higher Education is a devolved power, NUS Wales is the primary voice for students in the Welsh assembly.

As we’re a member of NUS, we are automatically a member of NUS Wales.

What are member Unions entitled to?

Membership means we are entitled to the following:

•          NUS Extra discount cards (this is not available to those who are not affiliated!)

•          Awards and Accreditation with schemes like Best Bar None and Green Impact

•          Support for elections

•          National representation and campaigning (e.g. National Conferences)

•          Opportunities to engage in national and local policy making

•          Training and development for Full Time and Part Time Officers, as well as SU staff

Cost: £35,862 p.a.

SRA“The UK Student Radio Association is an organisation run to enable, encourage and act on  behalf of the UK student radio community. We represent radio stations linked to educational establishments, as well as individual students participating in radio and audio projects, and work with industry bodies to offer advice, support and opportunities to our members.”

SRA gives access to information and training and events, as well as the opportunity to host the SRA syndicated chart show. SUSU have previously been members of SRA. We have joined up again for 2017 following a dip in student participation.

Cost: £80 p.a.


NaSTA (National student television association) is a representative body designed and governed by student television for student television. NaSTA exists to not only draw new and existing student television stations together from across the United Kingdom, but also to provide the platform upon which stations can ask each other for advice, overcome problems and nurture a like-minded community of students & student television stations from across the country.

They run nationwide competitions events and training to showcase talent from educational organisations.

Cost: £60 p.a.


UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) is an advisory body which provides resources for Students' Unions and Universities for improving the international student experience. Membership ensures access to their resources and research, discounts on their training events, support and examples of best practice. International students have recently faced additional challenges as a result of frequently changing visa regulations.

We believe we could be doing more to improve the experience of international students at Swansea University and therefore require informed knowledge to be able to effectively lobby and campaign for international students, which could be gained through membership/affiliation to UKCISA.

Cost: £301 p.a


The Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) is a US-based campaigning and labour rights monitoring organisation, which conducts investigations of working conditions in garment factories. The affiliation of NUS Services to WRC relates to our clothing suppliers only: Epona, JSW, T-Print and Shirtworks.

We work with the Workers Rights Consortium through NUS and the clothing suppliers we purchase through.

Cost: £455 p.a.