Welfare Officer
Shona Johnson

'Hi, my name is Shona and I'm your Welfare Officer. I’m here to help students enjoy their time at University by looking at the risks you face, making your wellbeing my priority and making sure all students are aware of the advice and support available.'

Shona’s ‘to-do’ list (manifesto):

  • Implement cheaper travel prices 
  • Work with liberation part-time officers to offer workshops that raise awareness and help combat issues such as consent and hate speech
  • Develop the mental health support available for students
  • Improve living conditions at the Student Village and Singleton Campus halls 
  • Light up Singleton Park
  • Create 'safe spaces' for student to go to when they're in need of down time
  • Develop the 'Welfare Committee'
  • Develop the health provision available on Bay Campus
  • Improve relations between students and the local community

Roles & Responsibilities

Leads on all welfare campaigns

Helps students with housing issues

Promotes well-being and healthy living

Swansea University Students' Union is here to support students and to make your experience the best it can be.

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