Student Reps

Hundreds of students act as College and Subject Reps to represent you academically and take any issues or feedback you have to the Uni.

What is the Student Rep system?
The Student Rep system is a partnership between us at the SU and the Uni, managed by your Elected Education Officer. We know you pay a lot of money to study at Swansea Uni, so it's only fair that your Education is exactly what you want it to be.
What's the difference between a Subject Rep and a College Rep?
Subject Reps represent students in each course, taking any feedback and complaints to the department to make sure it gets sorted. If anything becomes a bigger issue or is relevant to the whole college, the College Reps will then take over and work with the Education Officer to get it sorted.

There are hundreds of Subject Reps (as there are hundreds of courses), and there are 4 College Reps within each College - 2 undergraduate students and 2 post-graduate students.
Who can be a Rep?
We want students from every course and every year group to stand to be a Rep. You don't need any experience, just a positive outlook and some enthusiasm. (It's a great addition to the CV).
How do I become a Rep?
Reps are appointed by an Elections Process. Standing is quick and easy. Just put your name forward with a short manifesto and photo. Your manifesto is a short statement explaining why you would make a great Rep. Keep an eye on your emails and our social media channels to find out when the Elections are running!

If nobody is standing for a position you're eligible for after the elections, email saying you'd like to apply. Don't forget to include your name, student number, course and year.
Who do Reps work with?
  • The Students' Union's Education Officer
  • The Students' Union's Student Voice Team
  • Staff in your College, specifically the Student Engagement Lead
  • Other Subject and College Reps
  • Other students
What meetings do Reps attend?
There are two main meetings College Reps attend, but there are lots of opportunities to go to more meetings and get more involved.

Student Staff Forums (SSFs) - Each college has its own, and some departments have their own. Basically, it's the place for Reps and staff to chat about feedback they've had from classmates. These happen at least once a semester.

Board of Studies (BoS) - The BoS looks at the content of courses and approves any changes that need to be made. College Reps attend these with academics from the Uni. The Board of Studies meets at least three times a year.