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Venue Information

Looking for a space to socialise, study, or play a quick game of Fifa on Bay Campus? We've got you covered - your SU Social Hub, Y Twyni is just the place!

Mon - Fri | 10am - 4pm



Y Twyni is the ultimate student space for students to socialise, study, and unwind at Bay Campus!

If you're looking for a space to chill out and relax during lectures, Y Twyni has plenty of comfy and cosy seats, perfect for an in-between lecture snooze. Or maybe you have some downtime on the weekend - grab a mate and challenge them to a game on the Xbox or PlayStation!

For a quiet space to focus on your studies, our study pods and desks offer a peaceful environment where you can delve into your coursework, conduct group discussions, or work on projects.

To top it off, Y Twyni even has a student-friendly kitchen equipped with a built-in microwave and kitchen sink! You can prepare and enjoy your own lunch right here at Y Twyni saving you time, money, and the hassle of leaving the space to find a meal elsewhere.

If you're studying on Bay, or just visiting, why not pop in and check out your Student Union space!