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The sign up for water polo has now closed. Those who have signed up we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 28th September! 

What is Water Polo?

When people first hear that you play Water Polo they think it is an underwater game using snorkels, balls and clubs. No, Water Polo is a mixture of many sports taking elements from Handball, Polo and Basketball.

In its simplest element, Water Polo is two teams of 13 (6 Outfield players, 1 goalkeeper & 6 subs) swimming up and down non-stop to score goals, but each attack lasts 30 seconds max while the overall match is split into 4 quarters lasting between 6-8 minutes each. Water Polo is a fast, energy demanding and aggressive sport that is both rewarding and builds friendships that last a lifetime.

For more information on the basics of Water Polo visit Polo/introduction-to-water-polo

If you would like a full run down of the rules of Water Polo visit Water Polo Rules (


Swansea & Swansea University Water Polo

The Swansea University team has had a partnership with Swansea Water Polo Club for the last 7 years meaning everyone benefits from experienced and qualified coaches, more friends, cheaper costs, exceptional banter and most importantly better socials all year round. We have a Men’s and Women’s university team both participating in the BUCS Western Division 1A for the Men and the Women, working towards promotion next year. Both the men and women in the past have participated and progressed to the quater finals and further in previous years, we hope to continue this success and get even further!

We are a very open club and welcome beginners and veterans of the sport to the club. Don’t think that if you haven’t played Water Polo before, you will be at a significant disadvantage. Many of our top team members from previous years have been new to the sport and you quickly learn through matches and training. The team is built with people of all years, all studying a vast range of degrees so there is always someone in the same boat as you.


Welsh Varsity

The Welsh Varsity is the biggest event of the calendar and to the University. Every year around April/May the two biggest Welsh Universities Cardiff (BOO) and Swansea (GO SWANS) fight for the title of best Welsh University. This is the second biggest Varsity in the UK, only behind the famous Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity. The Water Polo event is a tough and exciting match for all players and spectators producing some very close matches and entertaining Water Polo.


Social Events

This year we have 2 Social Secretaries on the Committee who will organise fortnightly events ranging from good old fashioned pints and Christmas meals to theme inspired nights out. These will obviously be in accoradance with all COVID-19 regulations that are issued.

Previously we have had many themed nights including Army, Pirate, Hawaiian, Halloween and Toga.

We also organise a Water Polo tour after 2nd Semester exams and arrive just in time for Summer Ball so nice warm weather when the year is finished and a great stress reliever.


Where, When & Other Information?

We one main session at the Welsh National Pool every Tuesday between 20:00 – 22:00. Please ensure that you are ready to swim 15 minutes before the starting times of each session in order to help set up the equipment and to register. We offer a free trial to all new players on Tuesday 5th October to see if Water Polo is the right sport for you. We may look into getting more pool time in semster 2 depending on the Tuesday sessions. 

This year we do have a limited number of squad members that will be able to train (15 men and 15 women), but don't let this put you off, everyone has an equal oppertunity to participate if you are commited and work hard. During the year, the match squads will be rotated to ensure everyone gets a fair level of experience in matches and enjoys their time at the club.

The only requirements are that you can train weekly, work hard during training, have enough swimsuits & towels (goggles are a good idea too), are a confident swimmer, enjoy yourselves and a trip to JC’s after training to have a few pints and replace those burnt calories.

Due to COVID-19, there may be some potential distruption to some of the matches and training sessions. To prevent this, to participate in matches and attend training it is reccomended that a lateral flow test (LFT) is taken twice weekly. For away matches you will not be able get onto the transport without a negative LFT. 



Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Sports Swansea Membership £15 for Term 1 (or £30 for the entire year)

You will have to purchase this for whatever sport you decide to join at Swansea

WASA Fees £34 (cash or cheque paid on the first session)

This is a national fee to allow all players to play in any competitive water sports competitions. Especially important for the Bristol League and UPolo since they are non-university leagues.

In the past Swansea Water Polo Membership has been £250

This cost includes all equipment cost (other than trunks obviously) such as goals, balls, stop clocks, timing equipment and hats. This cost also includes the pool hire for all sessions 2 times a week and the pool hire for all matches again at least one match a week on a separate day to the training sessions. The competitions the university team players have the opportunity to play in are

Men’s BUCS League Western 1A (10 Games in Total)

Men’s Bristol League 2nd Division (12 Games in Total)

Women’s BUCS League Western 1A (18 Games in Total)

So on average for 2 hours of water polo a week for 9 months in the year the total cost per hour of water polo played is £3.50 per hour.

The past few years the total cost have been able to be paid in 3 different ways.

  1. For people who definitely know they want to do water polo for the year pay one sum of £250 for the fees and the remaining £34 and £33 in separate payments at the beginning of the year.
  2. For those who are unsure about a full year commitment you can pay 2 term payments of £125 each and the remaining £34 and £33 in separate payments at the beginning of the year.
  3. For those who are unsure and want to try for a month then we have a £25 fee for the first month only. After the first month has passed and you're committed to playing water polo for the full year then you simply pay the difference (£80) and play till the end of the semester.

Please note that unfortunately the WASA fees £34 and Sport Swansea membership have to be paid at the beginning of the year irrespective of how long you plan to stay with the team.

As mentioned above we offer a free trial to all new players (dates to be decided but typically around freshers week) to see if Water Polo is the right sport for you.

So come on down for the trial and see what the power and elegance of the water sport that is water polo. From the excellent coaches and friendly team to the drinking and socials.

We can promise you that you won’t regret it   


Contact Details

For more information or to answer any queries please do not hesitate to contact either:


President: Cadyn Robinson


Phone: 07860624506


Men’s Captain: Luke Turner



Women’s Captain: Isabella Rojas Hewitt



Men's Vice Captain: Cameron Anderson



Women's Vice Captain: Sophia Garrad



Social Secretary: Megan Williams



Social Secretary: Candela Ruiz